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Wrap up
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Wrap up

Wrap up of the Ancient superpowers course
So there we have it. We’ve had a lot of fun looking at this course over the last four weeks, looking at how superpowers rise and fall, wipe each other out, form agreements all over these Syria-Palestinian lands that lie between them. The final part of the course is showing how the Egyptians and their great enemies, the Hittites, came together in battle. Neither side could win. They formed a peace treaty. So it seems that we have some kind of peace between them in the ancient Near East, something that we would never have expected between these two great powers. Does that mean we now have peace in the ancient Near East? Of course it doesn’t.
You’ve seen how the course has developed over the last four weeks. You’ve seen that every time one superpower thinks it’s in the driving seat, another one comes up to try and knock them down. We’ve seen them rise and we’ve seen them disappear entirely. That is set to continue. If you are interested, we do have an active Facebook page that’s been running the whole time. It’s called Superpowers of the Ancient Near East. Look it up and join us. We’ve been discussing these things as they’ve been coming up, and we will continue to discuss things that start to happen from here on. I’ll be there to guide people through, as well. So join the discussion if you’re interested. See you there, hopefully.

And so we have come to the end of this course, but hopefully not the end of your engagement with us and each other. We would love you to join us and carry on the debate in our Facebook group.

We’d like to know what you thought of this course, and your feedback is very valuable to us. Please take a few moments to fill in our post-course survey.

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Superpowers of the Ancient World: the Near East

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