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Welcome to week 2

In this video Mark introduces you to what will be covered in week 2.
<v ->Welcome, to week two of the Diverse Innovation course.</v> In this week, we’re going to be exploring identities and how that is perceived in the workplace. And also we’re going to explore race, how that’s also viewed, too. And I think that being able to explore race and identity during the workplace, one will give people more of a better understanding, how certain groups feel and how they operate. But also, how do we kind of eliminate those biases that we may have. On the second item of the course, we’re going to be hearing from Nathan and Adiba. And they’re going to be sharing, their views on the diverse work culture. And with Nathan and Adiba, who’ve been really experienced in this field.
They’ve got some golden gems to really explore what is needed to really cultivate a diverse work culture within organisations and the industry. And then last but not least, we’re also going to be sharing some good practice, what worked well in the sector, and some great examples of diverse work cultures, and where people have been supported through their different backgrounds and identities. So, we hope you enjoy week two, it’s got lots of rich resources and yeah, just feel free to dive in.

Welcome to week 2! This week you will learn about how identity and context play a role in diverse innovation. In the first activity, we will explore perceptions of race, and how these may influence the way we think about innovation and innovators. You’ll also reflect on how people’s identities can shape their experiences of the workplace, and explore how code-switching, impostor syndrome and stereotype threat can impact people’s wellbeing.

In the second activity, we will focus on diverse work cultures. You’ll hear Adiba and Nathan talking about some of the benefits of working with people from different backgrounds for employees, organisations and customers. You’ll generate ideas about how to create a diverse work culture wherever you are, then create an example action plan of your own.

Next, you’ll explore what good practice can look like through a series of case studies, including an immersive Afrobeats online event, and a building whose design was inspired by the construction skills of a termite. Towards the end of the week, we will look at the role trust plays in supporting diverse innovation, and you will hear from Nathan and Alex about how important it is for community building, good leadership and tackling social issues.

By the end of this week you will be better able to:

  • Debate the role of different identities & cultural contexts
  • Explore ways to build a diverse work culture
  • Evaluate good practices
  • Discuss the role of trust in supporting diverse innovation

Before we get started, has anything above sparked your interest for week 2? What are you most interested in exploring further? Use the comments section to share your ideas with other learners.

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