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Record and Playback exemplar 3: talk show host

A video of Record and Playback here shows how it can be used to engage children in in-depth character study.
Hello, I am the host of this talk show, and I will be interviewing– Jeff Fishkin. OK, for the first question of the day, why did you come to Texas from Washington? I thought Washington, DC, was hard– it was really hard living there, so I decided to move to Texas with my family. And it was quite easier. OK, what was your first impression of Bradley Chalkers in Red Hill School? Bradley Chalkers was nice. He was a normal kid. Then I found out he was getting bullied by his students. Then he was a bully himself. OK, I heard you went to the White House? I did go to the White House, and I had a chat with the president.
OK, can you expand, please? Me and the president, we were talking to each other about several subjects, and it was fun there. OK, see you next week.

You’ll probably recognise this Record & Playback film from Step 4.3. In this example the brief given to the pupils was to ‘interview a character of your choice in the style of a television chat show’ from the book they had been studying in class, There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom.

This is a great way of assessing what pupils have learnt from a text as well as deepening their knowledge of a particular character. It ensures that pupils undertake indepth research and have a fun and engaging activity to aim for at the end of their work.

The final results can be shown and assessed by the class as well as be used as revision tools and aids for future work.

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