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Film as a tool for assessment

Quiet on the set. I’m a camera person. I’m Mr O’Doherty I’m the interviewer. I’m a director. Action. Assessment is a crucial part of education. How you can measure learning, how you can measure progress, and understand what benefits are being accrued by the students through the teaching process. Film is a powerful tool for assessment, offers many different opportunities, and richer opportunities for assessment to be showcased, and for learning to be evidenced by students. So through Into Film, we’ve been working with St. Mary’s Primary and Holy Cross College in Strabane, to look at how film can be a useful tool for assessment, in both the primary and post-primary curriculums.
Seeing the rich opportunities that it offers to showcase learning, and seeing how that can be applied in both contexts. I’ll hold my hands up and say, I was slightly cynical about the whole idea of pupils learning through making movies. But having seen the quality of work that they’re capable of producing, having seen the reaction from the teaching staff about the level of engagement that they got from the pupils, and about the outcomes that they achieved, the use of video just really seemed to enhance that for them. It’s about engagement. It’s an assessment model which really involves learners in a hands-on process of engagement.
For those learners who possibly aren’t going to thrive in an assessment process which is more traditionally based around writing, and that sort of presentation of information, this is a way to get involved, and get hands-on.

In this, our final section of the course we’d like to talk about filmmaking as a tool for assessment. We have talked about film planning and scriptwriting as fantastic tools for literacy and in this section we’d like to examine how filmmaking can be an exciting tool for assessment.

In the video above we’ll hear from our partner training organisation in Northern Ireland, Nerve Centre, who work extensively with teachers to embed the use of filmmaking processes within the assessment of pupils’ understanding and knowledge of curricular topics.

Have you used filmmaking as a tool for assessment?

What were the benefits?

Will you consider using filmmaking as a tool for assessment in the future?

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