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What’s next?

What's coming up in Week 2 of the course? Building new knowledge and understanding using technology.
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Next week, we’ll be exploring the research about building students’ knowledge and understanding in the classroom.

We’ll be introduced to dual coding, cognitive load theory, multimedia learning and what makes effective collaboration, looking at both research evidence and a range of case studies from schools.

Week 2 – Building students’ knowledge and understanding using technology

  • How might concepts such as dual coding and cognitive load theory help with presenting new content and concepts effectively?
  • What makes effective pupil collaboration in the classroom?
  • How can presentation of new ideas and pupil collaboration be enabled with technology?

Reflect on your starting point

Ahead of engaging with the next week of the course, take some time to reflect on your current practice so that you have some clear goals for your learning.

To what extent do each of the statements below describe your current context and practice?

Think carefully about these as you are planning and teaching over the coming days. You might like to rate each statement RED (rarely), AMBER (sometimes) or GREEN (all the time).

  1. When I explain new concepts, pupils grasp them quickly and remember them later
  2. When I present new content to my class, I know how to present it in clear and accessible ways
  3. My pupils are able to share their work in ways that demonstrates their understanding
  4. When I ask pupils to work collaboratively, there is equal contribution from all group members
  5. When pupils collaborate, I am confident they are helping one another to build understanding.

We look forward to seeing you for Week 2 of the course!

© Chartered College of Teaching
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Using Technology in Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning

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