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Reflection on the course

Navami summarises what we have covered on this course.
I hope you have enjoyed this course into International Leadership. You now know what leadership is and how leadership theory has evolved over time. You have also developed an appreciation for the relationship between power and leadership by exploring the key concepts of leadership. I hope you have enjoyed the chance to discuss and investigate the differences between leaders and managers and assess your own leadership qualities through leadership questionnaires. But this introductory course is only the beginning of the International Leadership module on Coventry University’s online BA in International Business. So, if you’d like to know more join us in the next short course to go further and examine what makes an effective leader.

Congratulations on completing this short course on the Evolution of Management and Leadership Theory. We hope you’ve enjoyed the experience. Watch the video where Navami summarises what we’ve looked at over the past two weeks.

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Your task

Reflect on your journey throughout this short course by writing a reflective piece that you can keep to yourself in your learning log or post in the comments. Focus on answering the questions below:
  1. What were some of the most interesting concepts you have found while doing this short course, about leadership and about yourself?
  2. What gaps still exist in your knowledge, and how can you go about filling them?
  3. What one thing about your leadership abilities would you like to work to improve, and how will you do this?
To help you with this, we’ve attached a list of the readings we have presented throughout this short course (in the order that they appeared) in the ‘downloads’ section below.
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The Evolution of Management and Leadership Theory

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