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Positive economic impacts
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Positive economic impacts

Tourism is considered to be export, which means injecting foreign money into the national and/or regional economy from outside the country or region.
© Coventry University. CC BY-NC 4.0

Tourism stimulates infrastructure development which contributes indirectly and directly to the entire economy, such as the erection of new airports that are vital to the enhancement of international commerce and trade.

It injects revenues in the form of foreign currency into the country’s financial system through taxes and increases employment in general, and that of the low-skilled and uneducated labour force in particular.

Overall tourism boosts the economy in many countries according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (n.d.). In 2013, for example, travel and tourism generated more than US$37 billion in GDP in Australia (2.4% of GDP) and in terms of jobs more than 505,000 of the 11.6 million jobs (4.3%) in that year, ranking eighth among major industries (World Tourism and Travel Council, n.d.).

However, the scale and scope of its contribution depends on national and regional policies and the extent to which these address various aspects e.g. supporting the training of potential employees to enhance their skills, allocating land use for tourism facilities etc. (Fletcher et al., 2018).

Your task

Watch The Economic Impact of Tourism and identify the above positive economic impacts of tourism in Utah.
If you cannot access this video for any reason, you should identify the positive economic impacts of tourism in Utah from this article which gives similar information.
Watch the video and identify the above positive economic impacts of tourism on the island of Galveston in Texas, US.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

If you cannot access this video for any reason, you should identify the positive economic impacts of tourism in Texas from this article.
According to the videos and/or articles, what are the other industries that benefit from tourism?


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World Travel and Tourism Council (n.d.). Total economy analysis – 5 key countries. https://www.wttc.org/economic-impact/benchmark-reports/total-economy-analysis-5-key-countries/

© Coventry University. CC BY-NC 4.0
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The Impacts of Tourism

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