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What does human dignity mean for you?

What does human dignity mean?
So, for me human dignity is all about insuring that people are respected and treated in an ethical manner. I think it says in the Universal Declaration that people are equal in dignity and rights and I think it’s really important to maintain that, for everybody to remember that they’re equal before the law and that they must be respected. - Human dignity for me means respect
and especially respect and value for each other.
No matter what background you’re coming for we are all human and we need to consider ourself or to treat ourself with respect and with value. - Human dignity to me means respect, the respect by other people of me and my respect of other people and it’s interesting that dignity is an idea that comes out in the very first article of the Declaration of Human Rights which says, everybody is born equal in dignity and rights. And so, the idea of respect that’s in this document, respect for other people, respect for their ability to exercise their rights, is absolutely fundamental.
Human dignity for me is being treated with respect, being treated as an equal, not being discriminated against, being made to feel that I am a human being first and foremost and that you see me as a human before you see our differences. So for me that’s kind of human dignity, being treated as a human being and you know, you don’t hate me or you don’t attack me for the differences that we have and that you do respect them. You know, we are different, but we are also the same.

Dignity is an important concept in human rights. We all have it and it is the basis for all human rights.


What are the common themes you see among the statements given in the video? How would you describe human dignity?

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Defending Dignity: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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