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Human Rights in your everyday life

The rights that you enjoy everyday

Look at the list of rights below and think of a typical day in your life, when you get up, go to school or work, meet friends or spend time at home, what are the rights that you enjoy throughout the day?

Article 25: Right to a standard of living adequate for … health and well-being
When I buy food and clothes, and have a place to sleep

Article 3: Right to life and to live in freedom and safety
When I walk freely in my town without fearing for my life

Article 19: Right to freedom of expression
When I post issues I’m interested in on social media

Article 23: Right to work and form or join trade unions
When I get the same salary as other people doing the same job as me

Article 12: Right to privacy
When I know the information I provide to websites I use is not going to be shared with others

Article 13: Right to freedom of movement
When I travel to another city to visit my friends

Article 16: Right to marry and found a family
When I choose who I share my life with

Article 20: Right to association
When I group together with my friends to defend human rights

Article 18: Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion
When I freely share my thoughts about what I believe in

Article 24: Right to rest and leisure
When I can go on holiday

Article 26: Right to education
When I am able to attend school

Now take some time to reflect on how these rights are related to one another and how being deprived of one of the rights would lead to lack of the other.


What happens when one human right is denied?

Think about the rights that you enjoy throughout the day. What happens when one of your rights is denied? Which other rights are denied as a result? For example, if you do not have access to clean water, you may fall sick and therefore not be able to attend work or to enjoy leisure activities. Now, think about who else would be impacted? For example, a parent, partner or child.

Share your thoughts and reflections with other learners in the comments section.

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Defending Dignity: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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