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Why should everyone enjoy human rights?

Human rights do not belong to a specific group of people. They are universal and should be enjoyed by all.
Everybody should enjoy human rights because and this is not a very sophisticated answer because they’re human. It’s obvious. The really interesting and key thing about moral principles is that they have a life of their own. If I believe that I’m due certain things, as rights, then automatically I have to respect those in other people. And so, there’s a kind of dynamism behind recognizing other people’s rights that is, that powers the search for justice all over the world. - Why should everybody breathe? Because it’s necessary. Um, you know, it’s necessary to have human rights to progress as a society.
It’s necessary to have human rights as a doctrine, I guess, to kind of lead the way, you know, be the changes that we wanna see in this world. If we’re not respecting each other’s rights, if we are dictating to people how they should be, who they are, how they should live their lives, you know, it’s a suffocating, it’s a suffocating, it’s a suffocating world already anyway, but without human rights it’d be even worse. You know? We’d see people’s rights trampled left, right, and center and we’d have no way to hold people to account and I think that that’s the important thing about human rights.
Having a, you know, having the Universal Declaration of Rights shows us the way that we, we should operate in this world. So therefore, if we’re operating in a way that doesn’t adhere to the human rights declaration, then actually, we know what to hold that person accountable for.
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Defending Dignity: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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