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Over 70 years after the creation of the UDHR, what are your hopes and wishes for the next 70 years with regards to human rights?

Over 70 years after the creation of the UDHR, what are your hopes and wishes for the next 70 years with regards to human rights?
The governments, I think, first and foremost make it their responsibility to ensure that the rights that are in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are fully respected. I think that at the moment governments kind of pick and choose which ones, you know, better serve them, but actually, you need to make sure that everything (chuckling) in there is completely covered, and that, you know, everything that you’re doing respects human rights, so that’s my first thing. I guess another wish, actually, is that more people knew about it and understand it.
Education is key when it comes to human rights, I think, and I think when people actually sit down and consider the Universal Declaration of Human Rights I think that they stop seeing human rights as such a dirty thing and realize that, you know? Because there are some people in the world who think that human rights is a shady thing. It’s something that’s a bit– It’s vilified in the media sometimes, but I think, actually, when people sit down and understand it, and understand that, actually, this is the basic tenets of how every human being should be treated. - There’s still so much more work to do, and the fact that all 30 articles are fundamental
and so many countries have signed the Universal Declaration, and yet we see virtually all of them flouting their responsibility to their citizens, and we see, still, so much inequality. We still see so much discrimination. We still see so many countries with the death penalty. We still see so many countries abusing minorities.
We still see so many countries rejecting refugees. - My main wish is an equal, a real equal world
where everyone’s actually enjoying their rights in 17 years.
It can happen, it’s not impossible. It can happen when people start thinking positively.

Looking back on the years since the creation of the UDHR, a lot has been achieved to ensure that all human beings live in dignity and are treated equally. However, we still have a long way to go and there is still much to be done. We all have wishes and hopes for what can be achieved in the next 70 years.


UDHR’s role in shaping human rights

How in your opinion has the UDHR played a significant role in the development of human rights?

Discuss with your peers in the comments section.

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