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How many meanings can you think of for the word ‘party’?

How many meanings can you think of for the word ‘party’?
I can’t really think of many meanings but for example, now the first thing that comes to mind automatically would be a party people enjoying themselves, social gathering, drinking and doing whatever they wish to do at the party, enjoying themselves. But a party could also mean maybe a social party, a political party … erm so a party could mean several meanings. Well, Conservative Party, party going, you know being a part of a party, I think three meanings I can think of at the moment at the top of my head. For party … erm so the first immediate one that springs to mind probably would be a celebration or a gathering of some sort.
And the second one again I would probably think of maybe a political party. I think the first one that springs to mind would be children’s parties where children come round and play games and have food and things. I guess we don’t really call it parties when we take them out to the cinema which is what they do when they’re older so its something about getting together.
A second meaning would be political parties so the etymology must be something to do with taking part somehow and then, so those are both nouns and you have a party, you join a party and then be party to something must be being an accomplice being part of, so those would be three meanings that spring to mind initially. Depends where you’re looking from basically, like for example, I have children so a party may mean more to them and myself cause I have a party for my children. On an economic stage, political stage a party may mean very important to deal with politics and so forth. Important depends on what you’re doing.
I think the children’s party is probably the one I would think of as the most basic.

Watch the video, which shows several people trying to answer the following question:

How many meanings can you think of for the word ‘party’?

What are those meanings (you can give an example if you like, to explain a meaning you’ve thought of), which did you think of first, and which one do you think is the most important?

Only focus on the noun use of ‘party’ (forget about the verb), and don’t look at a dictionary.

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