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Summary of Week 6 and the course

Well, congratulations. We’ve now reached the end of week six and the end of our course. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. This week, we have discussed surveillance and behaviour change programmes as well as randomised controlled trials, or RCTs. We’ve also looked at integrated approaches to vector control and the needs for open access information and behaviour changes as well as surveillance. Now, we have concluded the course with how to design a vector control programme using all the lessons we have learned throughout the five weeks, including the evaluation and monitoring aspect. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed the course content and the diversity of its resources and, of course, the wonderful experts that you’ve had access to over the last few weeks.
We’ve heard from a wide variety and a wide range of entomology and disease experts discussing everything from the need for vector control and the response and recommendations from the World Health Organisation through to effectively how we implement in the field. I hope we’ve demonstrated why integrated vector management programmes are so incredibly important in reducing the burden of vector borne diseases. And I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for joining our course, for participating so eagerly in the discussions with both our team and your peers. In addition, I’d like to thank all the people who contributed to making this course and helped to make it a huge success.
If you’re still interested in getting involved and staying up to date with the latest vector control information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have a website, Additionally, please do get in touch if you’d like to be involved with the global vector hub, our new open access online resource and data repository for all vector control needs. Thank you so much for joining us and goodbye.

Having completed Week 6, you have now completed the Global Challenge of Vector Borne Diseases and How to Control Them. Congratulations! Join Professor James Logan for our final video, where he will summarise the week and the course as a whole. Thank you for your participation!

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