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Applying this to your task

How to prepare for your presentation in more detail.
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Let’s look in more detail at the process in relation to the task at the end of the week

Select a topic

The subject you choose should be of interest and relevance to the audience. In this case, you should choose a suitable town or city that you know well.

Consider the purpose and audience

  • Purpose – setting specific outcomes will help focus your presentation

  • Audience – choose a fact about your town or city that would capture the audience’s attention, something impressive or unusual

Research your topic

Make brief notes on:

  • Location (country, province, getting there), the main language spoken
  • Why this location is suitable in terms of global business
  • Why this location is suitable in terms of local attractions/culture

Plan and design the structure

The talk should contain the following elements:

  • Introduction – outline aims and outcomes
  • Main body – main points, supported by appropriate detail
  • Conclusion – review and summarise the main message

Write down the main ideas and points you will include on in each section.

Plan detailed content

Plan, script or write down (as necessary) and rehearse exactly what you are going to say in each section of your presentation, making sure it’s not more than two minutes long.

Consider the timescale of your preparation in relation to the delivery date, factoring in plenty of opportunities to practise your presentation.

Practise delivering the whole presentation

Record your presentation and evaluate your performance using the checklist below:

  • Have you addressed the task fully?
  • Is your delivery clear and at an appropriate pace/volume?
  • Will it interest/engage the audience?
  • Is the language used appropriate and accurate?
  • Is your body language evident?

Adapt your presentation as necessary.

Your task

Prepare an outline of your two-minute presentation Share a four-point plan with your fellow learners:
  • What city will you present?
  • Why is it suitable for global business?
  • Name one local attraction
  • What is the main reason it should be selected?
Finally, share an online resource that highlights the town or city that you have chosen.
© Coventry University. CC BY-NC 4.0
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What Makes an Effective Presentation?

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