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Reflections on the next steps in our WISDOM journey
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And so we come to the end of out time together. As such, here are some final thoughts…

In this final week of the course, we have explored how you can expand your career into a portfolio role using extended knowledge work skills. We have recognised the importance and value of the 4 elements of scholarship in planning and carrying out knowledge work activities and the value of sharing your knowledge, inspiring a community of practice, and inspiring a new vision for general practice.

We have described why GPs are no ‘jack of all trades’ but consultants in community whole person medicine and started to think how we can change our jobs and our careers to make that happen in practice as outlined in the previous weeks.

We have considered how you can use your knowledge works skills in a range of ways in order to extend your role into that of a WiseGP as outline in Figure 1.

Figure 1: A summary of how you can use your knowledge works skills to be a future WiseGP

Figure 1: A summary of how you can use your knowledge works skills to be a future WiseGP

There are many spaces you could explore to take these ideas forward – have a look at the WiseGP website for further resources, connections, and inspiration and to join our community of practice.

We would love to hear what you are thinking and doing – you are very welcome to share a blog with us about your thoughts on the WiseGP website by emailing or on Twitter using #WiseGPcouk.

Next… a final quiz!

© University of York/HYMS
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