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How do you manage COVID-19 in a fitness setting?

Minimising exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace and supporting public health measures will reduce disruption.
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Both staff and customer confidence and comfort are essential in a fitness setting, with their health and wellbeing of paramount importance.

A COVID-19 safety plan should be in place to manage risks within fitness facilities, and when training clients in any setting. This should provide recommendations that incorporate a risk-mitigation model.

In accordance with the changes of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments require all fitness businesses to have a contemporary COVID-19 safety plan.

Developed as a framework, these guidelines align with public health and recommendations for workplaces.

Framework of Operations for Fitness Facilities Under Covid-19 Restrictions Full document

Minimising exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace and supporting public health measures will reduce disruption to business in the long term.

Key Recommendations to Reduce Transmission

  1. Physical distancing
  2. Practice good hand hygiene, clean and disinfect the environment
  3. Stay at home if you are unwell and have any symptoms of the virus
  4. Contact tracing.

Managing COVID-19 for fitness staff

In addition to managing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 within fitness facilities, employers and business operators have a responsibility to manage and care for the health & safety of their staff, which includes their physical and mental wellbeing.

Employers must consult with staff and their representatives (e.g. health and safety representatives ) on health and safety matters relating to COVID-19, including what control measures to put in place in their workplace. Employers must ensure all staff have completed the Australian Government online COVID-19 infection control training module.

Frequent communication (e.g. newsletters, posters, signage) with staff and members to reinforce all COVID-19 related policies and procedures will support effective action and enhance staff and member confidence in their ability to work and use the gym or fitness centre.

Member gyms and fitness centres should be able and willing to present or display a copy of the facility’s disease control policies and procedures when requested. It is advised that hard copies should not be released.

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