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Gas sensors

Gas sensors are usually electrochemical devices, which require special “treatments” before they can be fully functional. We will take a closer look…

Internet Layer

Protocols at the Internet Layer are responsible for delivering packets between two computers over multiple networks/hops.

Data Link Layer

Protocols at the data link layer guarantee your binary number sequences, i.e. frames, will arrive at the intended destination intact.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

DHT series are commonly found in IoT/I4.0 systems for collecting temperature and humidity readings. Let’s look at what makes them so good.

Physical Network Layer

Ethernet is a protocol at the physical network layer, governing how a bit of data is moved from host A to host B over a transmission medium.

TCP/IP Model

A communication model lists out all the requirements that communication protocols that need to fulfil.

An Overview

The way that computers talk to each other is similar to how we send a parcel via our postal system.


If your storage is running low, you might compress your data a bit. If you don’t mind having a lower accuracy, you can even drop part of your data…