Luleå University of Technology


Luleå University of Technology, founded in 1971, is at the forefront of several research areas that are of major importance to society. Luleå University of Technology offers a wide range of educational programs and courses such as engineering, economics, health science, media and music.

World-class research in conjunction with the university’s large corporate network lays the foundation for education of high quality. The researchers at Luleå University of Technology were involved in making the astonishing findings of a water cycle on Mars. But space is more than Mars - the university’s researchers build miniaturized satellites and research topics such as the atmosphere, spacecraft design and climate systems.

Luleå University of Technology has many years of experience in applied artificial intelligence. The research contributes to safe and measurable AI innovations that makes a difference in everyday life and benefits society at large.

The environment at campus is international, with students and researchers from all over the world. Standing up for academic and democratic values such as openness, gender equality and the equal value of human beings is an important part of the welcoming culture that characterizes the Luleå University of Technology. Welcome to Scandinavia’s northernmost technical university.

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