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Tatjana Christelbauer

Tatjana Christelbauer

Artist, sociologist, advisor for intercultural education
Founder and president of the cultural Association ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy

Location Vienna Austria



  • I have mostly enjoyed the insights about social impact in the field and the task to research about cases! Thank you!

  • By starting this course I was not sure how far I can follow the insights as someone who is professionally working in the field of arts, education, cultural diplomacy. But now, glad to have found the link, to find out how important is actually social / human impact in this field! Hope that could contribute to the content with relevant insights, thank you!

  • Thank you!

  • After attending this course I can develop better strategy for my private cyber security and in my professional field as well., knowing more about useful strategies and tools! Soft skills, such as intercultural sensitivity, communication, creativity., sense for symbols and emotional intelligence.. are required by network defence in organisatiions

  • From my perception, the most effective legislation in the Austrian national Cyber Security strategy might be seen in its effective collaboration on cyber security in Europe and worldwide. The weaknesses can be found in the process of the regional digitization, as it is still in development process, municipalities are adopting different systems and educational...

  • Supreme excellence consists in breaking enemy's resistance without fighting;
    He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all it ranks;
    Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory;
    Modify plans, know to handle with superior and inferior forces, set up one standard (of courage) which all must reach, lead by example, not by...

  • Cyber security is a part of digital literacy and should be taught from elementary level. Intercultural role plays can help to understand behavioral characters and develop cyber defence strategies at all levels, starting from the household to government.

  • CyberFirst for youth 11-17 is a great tool-box, with a number of girl-oriented activities to engage more in the IT! sharing here and also via

  • I have researched more about cyber attack in Estonia 2007, which occurred for reasons in the cultural field, after Estonian government have removed a memorial commemorating Soviet liberation of the country from the Nazis to less prominent and visible location. western countries banded together to effectively combat the cyber attacks and minimize their effects....

  • There are different reactions on this issues within countries, but seems to be powerful enough to not be just banned. However, by start of the global Pandemic in the spring 2020 there was a number of the public concerns about 5G and it's relation to health, even spreading the C-19. in Austria, Serbia, some other countries. If it is all about world rulling and...

  • By current digitalization at the global level, is important to develop stronger cyber security and still keep also the “organic control“, to prevent the global “turning the light off” . Science fiction movies can always serve as a mirror toward -what is coming the next. Maybe seen as a naive perception or even as a “conspiracy theory” but since I saw the Skype...

  • In Snowden case, the human/social element has at the first glance negatively affected the USA's reputation in the Cyber security field, as it has been compromised in its ethical label, but the case have also opened the space for its improvement and renewal. Behavioral economics needs to be considered within all fields and sectors, as the human element is...

  • All insights are totally new for me, so the illustrative way of introduction of such complex field makes me curious to learn more about and find some general point to understand -at least- the basics

  • Highly interesting, even for total beginner in this field! Thank you

  • As someone. Who does not work in this field and is not familiar with specific issues, terminology and operations, I would share some social aspects from my perception of the case: One vulnerable starting point is the personal issue (job contract,position) as it might have affected the investigating process. Other useful point to be considered is to include...

  • The best way to achieve the goals of the agenda up to 2021 might be to widely extend the cyber security across all areas of government and to widen international and cross-sectoral networks and partnerships

  • Just wonder, why is still not possible to use the fingerprint or face recognition instead of the passwords. Data protection rule does not make much sense by all of those cookies which needs to be accepted before reading any article.. Sadly, there is almost no way to escape data collectors-for profit.. sharing an interesting article about GDPR in EU...

  • Such an illustrative introduction! Useful tool, thank you!

  • Austrian foreign ministry has been affected by a cyber attack. The problem was solved in cooperation with other countries. The interesting point is, that it was in a favor of forming coalition among parties.

  • Misinformations, false news and cyber propaganda, reports from customers can lead to rapid take over of an orgaanisation. i am sharing the weblink here to an interesting article about

  • Approved! Always coming back to join further courses. Thank you!

  • Hello from Vienna, Austria! I am taking part in this course to widen knowledge and perspectives in cyber security and its frameworks for nowadays and future . Education, Art, Diplomacy and all other fields where learning and social interaction takes part are currently facing diverse changes, to optimize services and to sustain in the virtual world. Looking...

  • @IuliaB thank you too! Keep safe and well, kind regards to all!

  • Some new opportunitiers are there1 Will check! AI might be the one :)

  • Thank you! Very insightful and motivating content in this course!

  • by next time challenge my response might might include more time to respond- taking deeper breath and allowing myself more analysis and discussion with colleagues/families;

  • Perceiving the failure with "yet" or "not by now" opens possibility to try again, to try again and again. Ed was also encouraged by a man who asked him about his plans, "pushed his voice" toward growth mindset. Sometimes one is lucky to have people around and get the "magic push"

  • Old "fixed" patterns and fears might still be around, but to recognize them and work on the shift consciously can result with progress!

  • As in the first part- in the previous session I have shared an example with successful "shift" toward growth mindset which brought results for me and for other colleagues in the study group. Find connective path, mirror on your experiences toward new landscape and you willöll find the link! I could see the benefits at both sites, so the fear of failure turned...

  • Last year in a course on community health programs- new field, almost no experience, high level of study, experienced fellow learners ... omg! The struggle was over as I have realised that my "outside" view might bring even new perspectives into study and it was very good invention of time and patience! I was interested into this topic and also to bring some...

  • open attitude toward improvement of skills, search for further options, critical thinking, willingness to learn and improve skills- growth mindset

  • Benefits for students: more focus on effort not only on goal, open discussion and exchange with other fellow learners, higher resilience and motivation, creativity by exploring new methods and strategies, risk mitigation by confident trials ,..

  • As life long art practitioner, creativity was always a part of my life. Therefore, all failures (even the most frustrating ones) at school, than later on at university, work life, all those experiences followed with anger, through resilience built by creative work, creation of opportunities and selftrust, could be best replaced with successful solutions. By...

  • Glad to see how we all are motivated and self-trusted! Positive impact also due to this course! I have chosen the option "Yes" - it depends on efforts and practice- reflecting only previous experiences and my current engagement in learning and practicing ..

  • My best examples about useful adopting growth mindset are coming from my work with teachers and children by use of the LEGO Serious Play Method. Combining natural materials with bricks, including body movement, drawing session and multilingual storytelling, all participants could explore how problem solving at the level of communication, cooperative and...

  • I look forward to learn more about methods to encourage adopting a growth mindset at the level of organisations s well as by individuals

  • Last year I started to widen my digital literacy within various courses and related to different fields, such as public relations, science diplomacy, museum education. Interactive and self-reflective methods are keeping attention and motivation highly present! Curiosity to attend new landscapes, to discover new opportunities, exchange knowledge and find new...

  • I very much like to research about and include insights from neurosciences! One example from my work in the field of arts and sciences 8neurolinguistics) is the 2Corpus Callosum20340" which was exhibited last year at the ETH Zürich. It contains over 15 years practical research about behavioral changes by listening, speaking and learning foreign languages. The...

  • @IuliaB Thank you! At the end I was inspired to create DM campaign, so it summarises all previous content and experiences with new inspirations! Thank you!

  • Thank you! I could improve my previous knowledge and gain new experiences!

  • Target customer: Daisy, mother of three children under the age of ten who are starting a new school year in September.
    Webpage Asda for kids:
    Campaign through development of cross-sectoral partnership

    Asda AllStars: “Ready for...

  • Verbal and written communication skills: intercultural sensitivities, english+ proficiency