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Victor Ibanga

Victor Ibanga

I am Victor, I am seeking knowledge and skills for my current job, as well as prepare me to later become a resilient business owner that impacts positively on my family, friends and community.

Location Nigeria


  • For me it was: Prevention of misunderstanding

  • The last contract I signed was rent contract. None lawyers come across agreements everyday at work, business and even online.

    For me, of note is the sometimes ambiguous and colloquial languages used in the drafting which also requires even a legal assistance to understand

  • Looking forward to grab this opportunity to learn

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    Supper interesting

  • For Nick, I will do the following:
    1. As soon as the news of takeover filters in, I will call all my team members in and reasure them that to the best of my ability I will make possitive presentations to ensure all my team are considered.
    2. I will send a mail of reassurance.
    3. I will encourage skills aquisition and advice to help them move on just in...

  • Presenteeism: Have been looking for words on its meaning for ages. Now I have it. Thank you CIPD

  • Good insights

  • 1. He might wonder if his job is not taken already.
    He might worry how hes viewed by the team.
    Confused about changes in the organisation and how he fits in.
    How to relate with the temporary staff covering his work.
    May see himself as a failure

  • (1) 2 and 3 are the most in my organisation.

    (2) Not all

    Family sickness:
    Approve a paid time off of a considerable length.
    Show empathy and support by calling-in on regular basis.
    Regular visit (in my organisation a representative or on the team will may a visit)
    Paid Leave
    Allowance to carter for extra expenses
    Donation from the...

  • My organisation adopts a Thursday Morning excercise and health talk.During the time all office activities are closed out. Everyone including top management is involves in the 30min excercise and health talk.

    Better work outputs
    Less sick leave
    Bonding and team spirit
    Shared commitment
    lower cholesterol and high BP recorded
    Better weight...

  • Yes my organisation take part in 2 and 3 and is yeilding results.

    Better work outputs, helathy staff, staff register in health clubs and are allowed time to participate in club activiites.

  • In my organisation, there is an increased adoption of flexible work hours and working from home.

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    Graet experience. I will really like to bde a member of CIPD

  • Wow. Amazing

  • First the manager took ownership and responsibility of the entire situation. He acknowleged that because of increase in recipes, ingrdients can be confusing thus a need to carry team memebrs along and to update them.

    he then offered support by joining a team member to give support and then having to have a discussion later. The tone ws nice and assuring

  • I think the issue at the coffee shop is with the team. Being a new employee, she was not aquinted with the goal of the coffee shop; Quality and quick delivery.
    The manager will need time to after work to talk to the employee alone to ascertain her strength and weaknesses, perhaps tp find out which department he/she is best suited and the best training and...

  • When i had the best performance manaement as an employee was when i had an empathising manager who had a people focused skill. Since I felt safe in his hands, discussions on appraisals, rantings and others was easy and effortless because i convinced he has my best interest at heart.

    Line managers should have empathy
    Should be people focused
    should be open...

  • High performinmg teams see challenges as oppurtunities to learn and grow. No blame game. They deliver their mandates, always happy together and cry together. There is empathy and mutual respect

  • Interesting!

  • Anika: E-learning, Youtube, webinars.
    Karim: Needs a chat and help about his career and what he needs to do
    May: Journals, Career and skills related discussions, leadership skills

  • Webinar, lunch and learn meetings, e-learning solutions

  • E-learning. My organisation was not averse to e-learning until the restriction posed by Covid-19 pandemic. E-learning solutions like those provided by FutureLearn is excellent with top notch facilitators. The training is self spaced, the faculty is excellent and the materials and experiences is good.

    This type of learning is effective because its world...

  • Presently I need the 4cs Skills. Currently my organisation is making key changes which leaves room for more internal resourcing. Without this skills, it will difficult to key into the opportunity

  • Nice and rewarding lessons so far, Robin

  • My experience was awesome. We had lunch with the 6 directors on the 10th floor mess! Its something that is not done, then in one of the orientation sessions, the Managing Director/ CEO came to address us. He gave us his personal experience and hands on career paths to follow. He told us straight up how he wants to skill us up for excellence in the company!...

  • I remember my induction: In one of the activities, we had lunch with the 6 directors and chatted with them. That impression remains after 18 years!

  • It's nice learning so much from you

  • Several projects. Like the new Heathrow terminal.

  • Yes Agile may not be suitable for all projects. Projects with straight forward and predetermined end value based on past experiences and iterations don't need agile.

    It's not easy. All stakeholders must key in and resources has to be made available.

  • This is enlightening

  • Good to know how PM softwares evolved.

  • Excellent

  • Interesting

  • Create solve. As long as humans are alive, there's always a problem to solve. I will like to think critically to be able to create a technology that can solve such a problem

  • It is true: Communication, Adaptability, Problem solving skills are the pillars of future work

  • Great to know the potentials of AI. True jobs will be lost. But how will the vulnerable and disadvantaged carried along?
    Or can we conveniently say they will be left behind?

  • I am more interested about the relationship between AI a d humans and the ethical issues

  • Science and Engineering

  • Scientist and Engineers now focus sharing, explaining and applying their work, freeing up time from the lab. Its interesting bcos scientists and engineers will no longer be drowned in research work. Their core work will be more of knowledge sharing

  • Interesting

  • @JulieC what does not appeal to me about AI is if the ethical issues will be handled properly so it doesn't become the another nuclear weapon race by world powers.

  • Victor Ibanga made a comment

    My misconceptions are handled but I have doubts of abuse and if the ethical controls put in place will be implemented to the later to curb abuse

  • @JulieC older workers may be able to work even from home and beyond retirement is they so wish

  • She has shifted from a fix mindset (thinking that she knows it all no space for growth and learning) to growth mindset (recognizing that there are changes and challenges but by working hard and learning it can be overcome).

    No wonder by acquiring requisite skills she now enjoys her work. If we are not prepared for the future, we miss out on challenges and...

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    Sure all the jobs are interesting. Explainer and sustainer sounds good

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    Yes I have used interactive maps that predicts traffic and offers alternative route.

  • Another industry impacted by AI is the field of medicine and hospitality. Now robots and gadgets monitor patients in real time opposed to personalized care by nurses

  • Interesting week. Looking forward to more engagement in week 2

  • Test questions and answers options clear and concise. Test challenging but summarizes the entire section

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    Similar to what happened in the turn of the 20th century when it was said that computers will take over our jobs. Now and many years counting computer and man are coexisting.

    The opportunities is that they will learn new skills and use AI to make their work easy.

  • Iphone Siri, Amazone Alexa, facial recognition

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    I was thinking more of AI as robots and as scientist trying to creat humans. I think this course will help me know more

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    I chosed somewhat confident because Ai is still being tested in several areas

  • Hpw AI is changing our life, challenges and thics

  • @JulieC Great! Its my first ever AI course. I am so excited to be here

  • Its my first ever course on AI. Lets go!!

  • I think are a common theme. In one of the projects, it was difficult to get team memebrs to review documents and cary out their laid out functions during closure. This is because some PMT have moved back to the office and it was very difficult to get the best out of them. This ctritical as well as a real scenario,

  • The the medium sized company illustrated earlier who wanted information to grow, we only need relavant and inteligent information that relates to what we want and not just everything.
    Since projects are time bound, the PM should seek and share information that is clear, concise and fit for purpose. Otherwise it the project drowns in information with no...

  • I have seen when email iformation that was meant for a particular group within the project erroneously sent to all in the contact list. It was actually a confidential report. It caused serious harm and trust issues to the PM.

  • I chose relevant information. This is because in all spheres of life, we need only information that relates to what we need. Remembering its a medium size business the company may not even have the capability to analyse the information if it seeks for all information. This will be confusing, time consuming and costly.

  • I think in all spheres, we need only information that relates to what we need. Remembering its a medium size business. The company may not even have the capability to analyse the information is it where to seek all information.

  • Some documents had to be returned to clients because the information was a junk rather than a finished product. Importance of information management

  • PM to me is management of those interrelated activities from planning to handing over of and activity that has time, budget and quality limitations and expetations.
    My expectations chnged this passed weeks becasue PM is beyound the basics. Its goes as far as interpersonal skills, people management skills, risk management etc. Its contains a whole package of...

  • I said No because with proper risk analysis and mitigaion strategies, the bussiness can succeed. Today partnerships and alliances is the way to go as corporations taps into the strenghts and influence of the other

  • For Telsa the main driver for alliance with Panasonic are:
    1. Cheap roof panels
    2. Efficiency of solar cells
    3. Economy of scale

    Risks to be manage:
    1. Patent infrigement
    2. Alignment of business portfollio and strategy
    3. Sustenability of solar powered vehicle tech
    4. Management of the various business interests in the alliance

  • A controlling PM will likely not listen to others in the team because he's not a social manager. He will be boxed up in his defination of risk which will not go well for the project.

  • To add to the list: Better to know little about your identified risk than nothing.

  • Thank you Accenture. I will sure try your others courses. My life is never the same with this prticular course. What a life changer!

  • Ed is a case study. Froma so called collage failure to someone great and still counting. The word YET helped Ed to understand that he can do the impossible

  • So inspiring video. If you try nd dont succeed, try try try again.

  • I would want to learn how to change fixed mindset to growth mindset at all times

  • In my piono lessons, the fixed minset voice keeps telling me: Men you cant do this, You cant learn piano at 40. Its for the kids! I recognise that i have a choice. To either stop learning, or to keep learning and practicing till I get there-though slowly and not as good as it should be. I take the growth minset action by continuing in my lessons and practicing.

  • She was optimistic. She admitteed she's lacking in some skills. Her growth mindset prompted her to see those gaps as opportunity to learn new skills and improve. At the end she got the skills, applied for the job and got invited for interview. I am sure she will get the job!

  • I have been learning piano. With my growth mindset, I will keep trying till i succeed even if its not easy

  • Victor Ibanga made a comment

    I chose the first option. I have alsways know that practice makes perfect. And also the rhym: If you try and dont succeed try try try again. It sound old school but its always ever true.

  • A growth minset can be useful when dealing with chronic sickness. A mindset that things will get better and that its not the end of the roaud could be so helpful and can be a source of healing and hope.

  • How to develop and grow a growth mindset and shun everything about fixed mindset

  • I learning piano. I want to be good at it.