Melissa de Araujo Barbosa

Melissa de Araujo Barbosa

Hi, I am an ESL and Portuguese teacher from Brazil.

Location Brazil



  • Just for fun!

  • I usually check it on my phone, not any specific app, but it always shows the temperature and the weather forecast for the day.

  • Great course, thank you so much!

  • Using objects is usually fun and helps to learn and remember words. The teacher could have a bag full of things such as balls, dolls, plastic food, etc., and use them to teach vocabulary. Students can manipulate the objects as they listen to the words and repeat.

  • Great lecture!

  • About the Weather exercise:

    - the block structure is really nice, because you can really focus on just one task at a time. I still found it a bit too colorful, thou;
    - the listening part was too long. Maybe it would be better to have more than one listening exercise, but shorter;
    - some images were misleading and could lead to error. This should be...

  • @MarceloAlvaradovollaire Yes, it happened to me too. Some images were not that clear and could be misleading.

  • I really enjoyed this course, thank you so much!

  • Such a great video!

  • In Brazilian Portuguese, we've borrowed the word mouse (the animal is called rato). But I don't think we'd use the German term, Rollkugel, we'd probably call it something like rolador (something that rolls).

  • I've found a beautiful version in Portuguese:

  • In my work as a teacher, I find translations every day. I mostly try to make a bridge between English and the cultures that speak it and Portugueses and our Brazilian culture. For me, the idea of the bridge is a great one.

  • I haven't really left home recently due to covid (things are awful here in Brazil), but on a trip to NYC a few years ago I actually kept a diary of the bilingual (English and Spanish) signs I encountered there, especially in the Spanish Harlem, where we stayed. Spanish is actually my third language, but I used it a lot there. I guess many people even assumed...

  • José de Anchieta (1534 – 1597) is a very famous name in Brazilian history. He was a Spanish Jesuit missionary that came to Brazil in the 16th century. He wrote poems, letters, and plays in different languages - Spanish, Portuguese, Tupi, and Latin. His plays were used as a teaching method among native populations. He was also the first person to write a...

  • Hello, I'm Melissa and I'm an English teacher from Brazil. I'm looking forward to learning more about translation!

  • Reincarnation (noun) – The belief that souls exist, are independent of bodies, and can enter a different body after the previous body's death.

    Tribe (noun) – A group of people that live together by their own rules; a group of people that have similar tastes, etc.

  • Colander (noun) – a kitchen tool like a pan with holes used to drain water from pasta, for example.

    Embarrassment (noun) – a situation in which in or more people feel ashamed of something they have said or done.

    Parachute (noun) – a tool, like a balloon, used to keep you alive when you jump from a flying airplane.

    Imagine (verb) – to see things with...

  • It happens to me a lot!

  • Portuguese is a very prescriptive language, with people viewing some uses as right and others as wrong. Here in Brazil, the name Aurelio is mostly associated with dictionaries:

  • My first language is Portuguese and WordReference is also my first choice when I need a bilingual dictionary - it's such a great tool :)

  • I usually use more than one each time, my favorite are: Oxford learners, Lexico (Oxford), Merrian Webster, Cambridge, Collins, Longman, and Wiktionary.

  • I'm an English teacher from Brazil. I use dictionaries on a daily basis for work, and I also teach my student how to use them. I hope to learn more about dictionaries in this course, and so improve my teaching.

  • Such a great activity!

  • Hi, I'm an ESL and Portuguese teacher from Brazil and I'm really interested in this topic in order to improve my work.

  • I really enjoyed this course. Thank you so much! I wish you all a healthy 2021.

  • I try to keep an open mind because there's always something to learn, of course, but I'm not a relativist. Many views were considered ethical because they were good for the people who held the power, such as slavery. However, slavery hurt people then as it would now, there was real suffering, and the fact that it was legal or that some people saw it as ethical...

  • @AfraaGorashi I work at an online school. We teach people from all Brazilian states (and other Portuguese-speaking countries as well) and they study at their own pace, so it's not possible to have a hybrid class. Classes are recorded, much like the classes in this course we're taking. It's a choice, however, and it suits the needs of many people. On the other...

  • Really interesting, I enjoyed it a lot!

  • @AfraaGorashi Oh, for sure, I agree with you, but sometimes it's not possible...

  • I made a plan for the fundraising event and it'd be great to have information about how much exactly they need to raise.

  • Message - Information about the fundraising event for a local pet charity
    Target audience - People who live in the area and care about animal well-being
    Objective - Make people attend the event
    Metrics - Increase the number of followers on social media and interaction.
    Tone/style - Serious but friendly
    Content types - Posts on the main page (blog),...

  • I think the plan is great, but I'd plan more posts on the main site. Maybe three times a week. If people enjoy it, they come back to read some more, and might be disappointed or don't come back if it takes to long to publish new content.

  • Great tips!

  • @MonikaRoth Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it :)

  • Hi! I'm also a teacher and I've been working with online education for a while. I try to be very, very clear, and also to anticipate the questions students might have. I incorporate the answers to my explanation. I also repeat the same information a couple of times using different words or examples. I try and use lots of body language to help my point, and...

  • Great example!

  • She can write content about possible destinations and activities. Lots of beautiful photos and information that you usually don't find in regular travel guides. She doesn't have to disclose information about her clients but can share a little about her research about different places. Her service is very focused on one's specific needs, so the tone has to be...

  • Great tips again! I really like the idea of naming specific industries, because sometimes sentences that are too general seem less serious. If there are specific examples, the text seems more trustworthy.

  • While the main team is based in London, our marketing department counts on the expertise of professionals from Lima, Miami, Accra, and Bangkok. We are a group of 50 specialists with a range of industry experience, and our job is to oversee all marketing copy and materials, including websites.

    *I'd add a photo of the team to this post.

  • Great tips!

  • I really enjoyed listening to this and yes, I also felt the Dove text was patronizing...

  • Example 1: Higgidy blog post about pies - Friendly, cozy

    Example 2: Dove ‘Feeling beautiful’ campaign - A little too cold, despite the content

    Example 3: Slack blog post about features - Friendly and playful

    Example 4: Shelter - Serious, but in a good way

  • I work from my computer (I'm a teacher at an online languages school) and also I love studying online, here on FutureLearn and similar websites. Then I check my social media to talk to friends. Many hours a day on the internet...

  • Hi, I'm Melissa from Brazil. I'm an ESL and Portuguese teacher, and I also write and draw in my free time. I'm looking forward to learning many interesting things in this course.