Lulu Grimes

Lulu Grimes

I am the group managing editor at BBC Good Food and olive. I have worked extensively in food media in London and Sydney and have taught food writing at City University and Leith's.

Location London


  • I'm glad you like the app, I do too, I find it much easier to use on my phone.

  • That is how recipes started life, as a set of ideas to be worked on in your own way. No old recipes are particularly (if at all) precise, but somewhere along the way precision has come to be expected.

  • The basket weave cake?

  • I'm so sorry to hear that Nick, I hope you enjoy the course.

  • Hi Bonny,
    It will be interesting to see what you think of the pastry in week 3. Pie crusts vary from cuisine to cuisine. I'll look out for what your experiences are.

  • A cheese scone is a wonderful thing. I love them. A skill worth having!

  • Hi Joseph, Who do you like on YouTube? I'm always looking for new inspiration. Thanks

  • @KathyTran delicious

  • That sounds like an excellent attitude Mark

  • It's interesting how recipes are evolving, in one camp you can get more and more precision, and in the other people want to be able to cook with easy measures.

  • I agree with you about the silicone making the base sticky, I've also broken a couple of cakes by not being careful, and a nameless member of my household cut through the base of one because they couldn't wait to get the cake out first!

  • That's interesting, do you think the term is newer than the technique?

  • What's your cream bun base made of Kathy? I love cream buns.

  • I'm seeing chocolate come through as a favourite flavour, a good chocolate cake is hard to beat. One of my favourite cakes and the one I pick to be is Tres Leches cake. If you haven't tried it, it's a light cake soaked in evaporated and condensed milk and cream. It's not for the fainthearted.

  • @AgneseRondoni Yes, but as I get an Oddbox delivery I don't have complete control over what I get each week - the point of the box is to eliminate waste further back in the food chain so it isn't consistent in quantity. I've bought a worm farm to make compost from the fruit and veg waste I do make - and the oversupply of kale!

  • I'm choosing strawberries because they are so perishable at every point of the supply chain and because so many of them don't taste good so may also be rejected on flavour grounds. In the UK many are grown undercover at the edges of the season - or to extend the season - which uses up resources. Unless shops have a high turnover the fruit doesn't last, though...

  • Hi Marlene, You can make nice crisps from (very clean) potato peelings if you toss them in oil and bake them.

  • I wasn't surprised by the household food waste, it's very difficult to control if you don't have good grocery shopping options. If you can go somewhere where you can buy one potato if you only need one then you are in a better position immediately. Fresh food that has to be bought in packs is problematic if it won't keep for long - salad can be a terrible...