David Diaz


I am graduated of Accounting and Finance. I am curious and eager to learn.

Location Havana, Cuba



  • @SaraBonnar what a shame. I have done some futureLearn courses, of course there have been some mistakes and lots of doubts from students, but this it's the first one where the lecturer doesn't actively check the course lessons. Maybe they shouldn't have launch the course until the lecturer were able to pay the proper attention.

  • @SaraBonnar To rate the course you have to mark more than 90% of steps as completed, then futurelearn email you to rate the course, usually takes a day or two after finishing to receive the email

  • If you haven't tried to contact with future learn, try with the support button in the bottom right of these page.

  • Could you get any help from futurelearn staff?

  • @AddyFletcher Yes I thought I was wrong, but there is definitely something wrong with the quiz and tests. I already gave a low rating to this course, because yes everyone make mistakes, but the lecturer of the course haven't say anything about this comments and those who pay for the upgrade are getting low grade due to the mistakes in the tests.

  • @SaraBonnar I don't know about the test, I haven't upgraded the course. If your have found incorrect answers also in the test I suggest to you to don't take any more test and ask to the lecturer about these issues. I don't know if these can be somehow reported to futureLearn

  • Hey, I only get correct answers at questions 2 and 5:
    Question 1: I get 405.71 and correct answer is 401.55
    Question 3: I get 14.04% and correct answer is 13.90%
    Question 4: I get 2664.75 and correct answer is 2301.91
    Here is an excel file with my answer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TwxK6GwYGlYuyDsjLJ8WJbSShU-JJIA-/view?usp=drivesdk. Any help with...

  • I get incorrect answers at question 3 ( I get 186.92 and correct answer was 185.05) and question 5 (I get 176,231.62 and correct answer was 174,469.30). I solve the excercises using excel: =FV(0.08,14,0,60000) (for question 3) and =PV(0.07,1,0,200) (for question 5). Can someone explain me where I made a mistake.

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    The bad economic situation if the company I work for.

  • Thanks. I started to use R because I am an accountant and I am looking to use AI techniques to improve my career path. I will need programming skills but I am not looking for a programer job and for that R is the best programming language ( https://towardsdatascience.com/the-8-most-popular-coding-languages-of-2021-b3dccb004635 ).

    Even though, I will have...

  • The peer reviews activities are always useful, because you get to see your work from another point of view

  • I think that the artist can claim the creative ownership, he is just using a new tool. The author will no longer be able to claim the ownership when tool start to be conscious ; )

  • I have workerd with Keras and I want to point out that, even when it is written in python, it can be use also with the R programing language.

  • Some articles talk about AI like it was here and it was already capable of everything and in others its say that AI career will froze again and fall into the deep. Is true that AI intelligence have had rough times, called winters, three to be exact, but I don't think that will happen again. However I don't support either that AI is at its peak. AI won't stop...

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    Hi, I am David Díaz. And what exited me to learn more about creative AI is recent video I watch where an AI was capable of writing a script

  • Data scientists roll sounds very interesting to me.

  • I am not exactly interesting in a career as a full time developer. But I think that programing is a skill that I need to get my career to another level.

  • The most interesting about how software teams work it is the interactive between the coworkers. I think it can't bee a little difficult to me do pair programing at the beginning, but I'm sure that when I get to know the team it would be easy

  • Peer review activities are always useful because allow you to see your work from another perspective

  • Is not this lesson the same as 2.8 but with the video?

  • In my little programing experience I haven't face a problem that can't be solve with this kind of logic. Logical variables and if-else statements are a power tool

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    The Blockly exercises are very similar to the coup of tea problem. This exercise are quite simple. I feel very confident. Yes the JS code make sense.

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    Thanks for this

  • I also know and have experience with R

  • Being a professional programmee sounds good. I will like to write code for business management, I have some experience in the area but I am looking to improve my programing skills

  • I do think that the comparison between the tea-making algorithms and programing is a fair one. These could be useful because it could be a good example to also teach how functions in code work. If sugar or not, if milk or no, elaborate this statements with this examplea will make easier to explain how functions works.

  • I think that AI should be included

  • I am David Díaz

  • Literature in academic terms:
    Literature are writings grouped by disciplines for example: sociology, business or engineering. This mean that the sociology literature will contain different papers, reports, essays and textbooks about sociology.

    Source in academic terms:
    Source refer to the materials used to support the findings of a paper or report. Source...

  • I agree with you

  • My understanding of lecture, seminars, tutorials and independent study haven't changed. But even though, I have to acknowledge that, hearing and reading how Omar talk about it, lectures, seminars and tutorials look more interesting at UK universitirs that at my home country universities.

  • Amazing lesson, the phonetic chart is very helpful, thanks

  • It will depend on the subject of the assignment. I personally think that when someone is studying should look at both subject-specific and learner dictionaries.

  • Look it up in a dictionary help you with your language skills. It teach you how to use it in a sentence and what are its synonymous and anonymous.

  • Another feature for a successful student that I didn't mentioned in the step 1.3 and that is said and explained in the video would be to become part of the learning process of the learners group, actively participating in group study so will be able to learn no just from the tutor if also from is peers

  • Amazing lesson. Thank you for these tips

  • I think there is not one thing or a conjunction of features that we can use to define a successful student. Because as explained by some of the others learners this depend on each person and is capabilities. Therefore I am going to mention some of the features that I have observed, during my academic life, in some of my fellows student that I consider...

  • As I mentioned in the comments of the previous lessons I am from Havana, Cuba. My city is famous for its architecture, two of the most remarkable landmarks of my city are the Capitol and the Morro Castle.

    People from Havana and from Cuba are very positive, funny and strong. Regarding to why I love or hate living in my county I must say that I have mixed...

  • They faces a lot of risks, for example. Any change in the relationship between two countries could result in an increase in import-export taxes. This will damage it with a increase of costs. Regarding to legal aspects Amazon has already faced problems in countries like Spain for mistreatment of its workers.

  • Economics and Political features impact in my country, Cuba, are both driving by the economic embargo of USA and the protectionist contra measures that the government has taken.

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    Hello, my name is David Díaz. I am from Havana, Cuba. I joined to this course because I want to improve my english skills.

  • Peer review assignment was useful, because you get to see your work from other point of view.

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    All of the topics discussed in the course are useful and interesting. I will continue with the coursea of the program Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

  • The pros of starting a social enterprise are plenty. First, society, your social enterprise will bring wealth to the society. Second, your brand, your social enterprise will help to promote your brand, showing to costumers that you care about society, environment or both. The more importants cons are regarding you approach to the social problem correctly and...

  • The biggest pro is autonomy. As said in the video "I think that’s the best part of having your own business and, you know, it’s yours to do what you like with it". And biggest con it is the lack of security of the first stages of creating a Business.

  • I think there are not universal traits. Get2test overall score is 76%. I think that even though the Get2test is not entirely right it makes some pretty good suggestions to follow.

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    Yes this approaches are still relevants and will always be.

  • I think this a very good question and very old. To me innovation, ideas or development can't be bad things. Is what we choose to do with our ideas with our innovations what it can be categorized as bad or good.

  • All of the topics deal with in the course are interesting and useful. I will continue with the rest of the courses in the program Global Marketing.

  • Almost everyone use services from a born global company. This is because almost all social media qualify inside this definition.

  • I personally didn't have it easy to find examples, but even though the exercise was very instructive. I think that the EPRG model covers pretty well how companies can adapt their products to the market. I think that there are companies that could fit into multiple categories, depending of the point of view. P and R approach can be combined, without actually be...

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    Good examples of Polycentric global companies are fast food business as explained in the video, MacDonald's or Pizza Hut. This is due to the flexibility of this business and culture affects them stronger than in other areas. For example a tec company will sell, in a bigger or lower range, either adapt it's product or not to the culture of the market. While for...

  • Global marketing is market at global environment. To succeed is necessary to make a study of the market we can deliver our product. And plan and promote our product or service to a successful introduction in a new Market, the world.

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    Hi, I am David, I am from Cuba. I have just ended a Bachelor degree in Accountancy and Finance. I am taking this course and others to expand my knowledge.

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    Most of the products that we use nowadays have their origins in other country. Take for example this course. I am taking this course due to the global marketing campaign of FutureLearn

  • Irina Kovalyova comments regarding my value proposition help me improve my business idea. Therefore I found peer review a very useful activity.

  • Some of the factor are: natural resources, cheap labor and technology

  • Amazon. They decided to internationalise to take advantage from globalization.

  • For my national business environment the most important feuters are the economics and political. They have influenced in with quite an impact.

  • The most important driver is definitely profits. Profits has make the competition. The market competition begun globalization. And states are getting into globalization.
    I totally agree with the impressions given in the lesson

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    Everything in this course was useful and interesting. I will do my best to continue with the rest of the courses in the program.

  • I believe I have a consistent, compelling narrative that describe my business idea and it's mostly due to this course. I believe that my business idea hits the mark.

  • Mission statement:
    We consult business and government's in their administration. Guiding them through the use of the most advanced technologies in the field. Making their goals easier to reach.

    It was it simple to create the business statement, I think is due to the previous steps: value proposition and vision statement. And I believe that each of this...

  • Vision statement:
    Our vision is to be the most trusted company to consult business and government's administration.

    I find the experience of creating my vision statement quite simple. I think this depend on how much time you have had give it to it previously. I truly believe it has developed my understanding of what my business focus will be.


  • I think that my business idea relates best with the Ubiquitous category. And regarding to how logos reflect vision statements I think it is not that simple. For example if we were an extraterrest and is the first time we see any logo of the most known brands it is most likely that we will not see in it the business vision. I think that a logo that can show the...

  • Making sure that both statement has certain grade of flexibility.

  • As I mention in the comments of the previous lesson an appropriate strategy tool will come from the conjunction of the PESTLE and SWOT analysis. I think that my Business Idea is viable.

  • Do we need to choose at all? That could be another question. I think PESTLE analysis can be use as base, seen and how these factor will affect our SWOTs. I believe this is the way of achievement a deepest analysis.

  • My business will move beyond costumer value and profitability. It will affect society that are the base costumers.

  • Section N Division 82: Other administrative, office support and other business support activities

  • I choose administrative and financial services

  • AI as business tool for business are becoming more common. Using ML algorithms to process data and AI algorithms to make suggestions from the data processed.

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    Robots and AI are away realising compliance to Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics due to that AI aren't still able to really understand how they affect their surrounding.
    Well the Zeroth law of robotics imply that robots must protect humanity and do not let humanity get harm. Lookin at our history and how most of the damage humanity has suffer, came precisely...

  • Those articles are very good. After studying the lessons and the articles share by Derek Allen I found several similarities between human and machine learning styles. Visual, auditory an language, humans styles of learning, are somehow related to how the data is used to fit ML algorithms is recover. Kinesthetic and logical, humans styles of learning, are...