Rachel Gear

Rachel Gear

Rachel Gear is the ACNC's Instructional Designer and Lead Educator for the eLearning Program. She's committed to designing and teaching accessible and relevant professional development for adults.

Location Melbourne, Australia.


  • It is the set style of the online platform. You can chat in the comments section if you want to. It is not assessed.

  • Done :)

  • Good pick-up, Col! It sounds like your charity is switched on because the practice is correct but the need to document that practice is essential.

  • Great idea, Sally-anne.

  • I love the mentoring for at least 12 months Brendan.

  • So glad you have robust processes in place and that this training will be a useful piece, Robert!

  • That's really good news Lisa - that it seems pretty easy once you've learned how!

  • You can download a copy any video and watch it on your own device to sort any issues. The download option is below the video to the lower right side. I recommend downloading in 'standard' rather than 'HD' if you do not have 5G internet in your area.

  • Yes, it is sent to your email address.

  • The ACNC course 'Governing a Registered Charity in Australia' has information on how to do this from Step 2.7 onwards. See https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/governing-a-registered-charity-in-australia/2/steps/1532470

  • Great pick-ups, Lyn. Sounds like it is a good time to update this information!

  • Hi Lianne, you can search the ACNC's charity register (https://www.acnc.gov.au/charity/programs/map) for groups and then make enquiries to check if they meet these criteria.

  • Yes. It is an exam with multiple choice questions. You will have three attempts to pass. If you pass, you will earn a free digital certificate.

  • It is better to handle the situation correctly rather than quit. See the comments by others @salamTahan

  • Looks like you found their not-for-profit clause, Venesha. Well done.