Andreas Endl

Andreas Endl

I am a professional for sustainability in the extractives sector. Over the last 10 years I have been working with European policymakers on improving public policy and sustainability.

Location Vienna, Austria


  • Good point on recultivation. We will look more into that in week 5.

  • Thx, we try to integrate this perspective in two ways: on the strategic level with the SUMEX sustainability framework (respecting planetary boundaries) on the operational and policy level with the Institutional Resource REgime approach (from a water management perspective for example)

  • Hi Thant. Interesting idea. Could you please elaborate why you think waste management the determining factor for sustainability?

  • Hi Thant, There is an academic discourse that differentiates on different scales for SLO. i.e. ‘Scalar SLO Model’ . From a broader societal (EU scale SLO) to a more local SLO. Please find more here: ‘Scalar SLO Model’

  • @ThantZin Dear Thant, Thx. A tricky question. I was once at a Workshop in Helsinki that mentioned some sites being part of a system of waste valorisation/ind. ecology of other industry streams. We have some examples on circular economy and the extractives in the SUMEX repository of practices

  • Hi Micky, We will hear more about this topic in Week 3 by Besmira.

  • Hi Thant, We are greatful for insights in the current sustainability consulting perspective in the extractives! Hope to hear from you in the coming discussions

  • Hi Mesfin, Great to have you here. I am looking forward, particularly, to your perspective on the Institutional Resource Regime approach and how we apply it in the extractive industry. More to come in the following weeks

  • Hi Tobias , We were hoping to also get well-established experts interested into the course! Great to have you.

  • Hello Olga, Thanks for joining. I am looking forward to your ideas and comments on the political administrative system across EU Member States and how it affects the extractive industry.

  • Hi Anthony, We appreciate insights also from beyond Europe. Although there are differences between the extractive sector in Europe and Africa,I am sure we can learn from each others insights. Thanks for your detailed perspective on Nigeria.

  • Hi Jukka, Great to have also industry professionals here. Yes, indeed we cover a diverse set of practice examples in the course on construction materials as well as metal mining. Looking forward to your perspectives!