Jen Addicott

Jen Addicott

Hi I'm Jen, an Access & Outreach Manager at the University of York. I studied Geography at university and in my free time I love to read and get outside in the fresh air.


  • Thank you Katie, what a lovely comment! You are very welcome and good luck with everything!

  • Hi Katie, apologies for the delay. I've heard back from the Physics team and they have advised the following:

    If you feel that bringing some notes will help with your confidence then you are welcome to bring notes into the interview with you. Most of the interview involves working through physics and maths problems with the support of the interviewer, so...

  • Absolutely! It can be hard at the time to be so objective, but it is 100% worth taking feedback on board and using it to make you stronger

  • Perfect!

  • Often courses will have a specific email address (usually the course Admissions one) for you to use and they will let you know of this. Interviewers may offer a couple of comments at the interview itself but this is an individual decision. Often there is not time within the day for this to take place.

  • Absolutely! Got it in one :-)

  • Hi Jess, this is a great point for you to expand upon to talk about team work. I'm sure there are many other skills linked to DofE too!

  • WOW! That's incredible!

  • You're welcome!

  • Hi Rembrandt, the Admissions team in Physics have asked me to pass on the website details which outline their interview process - - and they have also advised to contact them directly should you have any questions or wish to discuss this further -...

  • That's a great question and personally I'm not sure. I'll ask the Physics team now and get back to you!

  • Hi Rembrandt, what course are you interviewing for?

  • Hi Owen, thank you for sharing this with us. First, I think it's important to say that the interviewers will understand that candidates are nervous and will honestly not mind having to repeat a question should you need them to. Some of the tips in this course on nerves and anxiety may help to prepare you for what to do in the moment if you're worrying....

  • Hi Rembrandt, I completely understand, I think everyone has a fear of messing up when it comes to interviews. Preparing well and particularly practicing interview questions with a friend or family member can be so helpful

  • Hi Owen! It sounds like you've got some great hobbies! What is the last random thing you made? Good luck for your upcoming interview!

  • Hi Rembrandt! It's great to meet you! What kinds of movies do you enjoy watching?

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    Hi Georgia, I completely understand, I can find it difficult at times myself. You're doing a great job in preparing for interview and some of the tips on nerves may help with breathing, slowing down and speaking clearly

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    What a fantastic attitude!

  • Jen Addicott replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Hi Georgia! Lovely to meet you! We have the exact same taste in books! What are you currently reading?

  • Hi Katie, a really good question! Which course have you applied for at York and I'll double check directly with the team for you.

  • Hi Katie, which courses have you applied for? Different universities will have different admissions requirements so even if you have applied for the same title course at multiple institutions, some may interview and some may not!

  • Hi Isaac, we definitely all do this and it is a super common concern for interviews. Interviewers will understand that you are nervous and preparing thoroughly will really help!

  • Hi Chloe, preparing thoroughly is one of the best things you can do and you are doing that by working through this course! Some of the tips here should also help you handle how to deal with unexpected questions/keeping calm. Good luck!

  • Hi Olly, this is really common and exactly why we created this course! There is plenty of information here about what to expect and types of questions

  • Hi Katie, interviewers will understand that you are nervous and will make some allowances for it, so don't worry too much if you stutter a little bit. Hopefully by doing this course and preparing, that will alleviate the worry around what to expect

  • Hi Jess, this is a really common worry. I hope that some of the advice here is useful to you, as well as being able to discuss with your peers

  • Hi Isaac! Ooh, which languages are you learning?

  • Hi Chloe! Lovely to meet you! What are your cats called?

  • Hi Olly! Wishing you lots of luck for your interview!

  • Hi Katie! It is great to hear from you! Your hobbies sound so interesting! What is your favourite Nintento game?

  • Hi Jess! Lovely to meet you! I love to read too, which book are you currently enjoying at the moment?

  • Jen Addicott made a comment

    Welcome again everyone! Isabel and myself will once again be supporting you with this MOOC over the next three weeks. We look forward to working with you and answering any questions you may have!

  • Thank you, that is wonderful to hear! Good luck with everything!

  • We wish you a successful interview too!

  • So glad to hear this course has been useful for you!

  • I like to relax with a good book too! What is your favourite genre?

  • Such a good message to yourself!

  • Keeping all my fingers crossed for you in the future!

  • Ooh good choice! Where is your favourite place to go for a nice meal?

  • Absolutely. Feedback can be scary - no one wants to hear about what they've done wrong but it is important not to neglect it if it can help you next time

  • Brilliant! I'm delighted this has been helpful

  • Fantastic! I'm so glad it has made you see feedback in this light

  • Fantastic! Well done!