Stephanie Adams, PhD

Stephanie Adams, PhD

Associate Sport & Exercise Lead | Brain Health Scotland

Honorary Fellow Sport & Brain Health |
Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh

Twitter handle: @DrStephAdams

Location Scotland | Canada


  • This is such a fantastic idea, Elaine!

  • Enjoy!

  • Rather than a "switch" from mental to brain health, it's a broadening of the concept. Mental health as one part of brain health.

  • Welcome, Jo! Keep up the great work.

  • Welcome, Ann! Great to have you here. Walking and Tai Chi are brilliant forms of exercise to support brain health. There are so so many beneficial forms of physical activity! Happy learning.

  • Great to hear, Stephen. All the best!

  • Thanks very much for the feedback, Paul!

  • This is a wonderful idea, Julie!! Exercise and social connection in one go!

  • Welcome Marta!

  • Breaking up sitting time is so so important for us! Stay tuned for more on this specific topic in Week 2.

  • Welcome, Edith! Never too late to start adding some more movement into daily life. We hope you find the information in the course useful!

  • Welcome to the course, Edith! In week 2 in particular we cover some ideas for tiny tweaks that might be helpful to you in terms of getting more movement into your day. Happy learning!

  • Great to hear, Joy!

  • That's great to hear, Brian! Spot on - some advice for everybody, regardless of fitness level. Many of the principles discussed are relevant to all.

  • Great to hear, Joy!

  • Absolutely, this is something that increasingly is being considered.

  • Absolutely, Therese, the person's ability comes into play. As you say, so long as they move!

  • Absolutely, Antje! How we travel and move around on a daily basis is an overlooked area that can make such a big difference. Tiny tweaks can lead to big progress over time.

  • Consistency is key! Brilliant to see your reflections, thank you for sharing. A few of the course Educators have tried parkrun and have positive things to say about it. More mentioned about parkrun and other campaigns/movements later in this week of the course.

  • Welcome. Great to connect with you here.

  • A wonderful and important area of study for future doctor! Welcome to the course, Charlotte.

  • Welcome Gail! We hope you enjoy the course.

  • Welcome Diego!

  • Thank you for joining, Martin, and for sharing your experiences. We looking forward to learning with - and from - you.

  • Welcome William! With your expertise in golf, be sure to check out the additional resources under each Step in Week 2. There are a number of items that might be right up your street! This includes some brain health-related initiatives happening in golf.

  • You've come to the right place! We hope you enjoy.

  • Welcome, Avril! Looking forward to learning with, and from, you!

  • Welcome, Diane! We hope you find the course really valuable. Week 2 content may be particularly relevant for your work! Be sure to check out the many free infographics and resources that the Educators have pulled together at the bottom of each step.

  • Great to connect with you here, Katherine! Keep up the great work at PINK Concussions - so much has been achieved so far.

  • Welcome to the course, Avril!!

  • Amazing, Keith! So many individuals underestimate the power of walking. It is so so good for our brain health and the many health metrics that link into it, such as those you've mentioned! Do you use any helpful tricks to stay motivated to complete these daily walks?

  • Keep up the training, Daniela, that's wonderful. Week 2 content may be of particular interest to you given what you've mentioned!

  • Brilliant to hear this, Suzanne! Nursing has so much to bring to this space.

  • Wonderful to have you on the course, Evelyn!

  • Great initiative, Valentin. Physical Education (PE) is such a important area. Very positive to hear the next generation of PE teachers and specialists is exploring brain health education!

  • Thank you for sharing your story, Kay, it's good to connect with you here. We hope you find the course useful in your journey!

  • Very good point, Therese, about the importance of the language we use.

  • Absolutely, early education here is key! Professor Lawlor will be delighted by your feedback. Thank you for sharing.

  • We couldn't agree more! Thank you for sharing your reflection.

  • Great to connect with you here! We hope you find the course valuable to your work. Throughout, you'll find loads of resources and additional links that might be helpful to your practice.

  • Welcome to the course, Michael, it's wonderful to connect with you here.

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