Marc Angelier

Marc Angelier

Staunch defender of braille and author of specialized teaching methods, I travel the world training teachers in techniques specific to visual impairment to make inclusive schooling for all a reality!

Location France


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  • Thank you for your active participation

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  • You are welcome @NataliaCorbíSevila Thanks!

  • You are right, it helps for all operations.

  • You can choose any number to be reach according to your student age-knowledge...

  • Thank you @harrykim. Where are you currently teaching?

  • Glad you have a transversal view for an activity !

  • Do you use the bricks with students ?

  • Yes you are right

  • You are right, he was having the bricks for the first time when we recorded the video.

  • What does it mean @ShabnamBagheribakhsh ?

  • This even makes the activity more meaningful @SarahMcClenaghan

  • For sure this activity needs a lot of pre-requisites @AlessiaBongiorno

  • It is amazing to see how visually impaired kids are building their bull: some like if they were drawing on the baseplate, others like sculptures.

  • And practitioners are saving time while preparing @harrykim

  • And it was not easy !

  • He was happy and proud!

  • We usually use smaller baseplates that can fit in a small kit @DawnHopper

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  • Glad we all agree on how lesson plans are important!

  • Exactly, not a child is resembling another in terms of techniques or strategies.

  • Totally agree @AlessiaBongiorno

  • Exactly @LindsayKerr Each activity can have so many possible variations and adaptations.

  • Great suggestion @AlessiaBongiorno Don't hesitate to share it on our Facebook Community!

  • We tried to find meaningful title for each activity!

  • Thanks for the comment @AlessiaBongiorno It summarizes LEGO Braille Bricks concept!

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  • Glad to hear that @KIMBERLYMCCOMBS

  • It is crucial to have a common language with the kids and use terms they understand @harrykim

  • Have you seen that you can make your own kit @EsterNicolásGaret ?


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  • Let's go @EstherPonce

  • Thank you @mariacenicola We like that each activity can be made in different ways, with many variations

  • At the bottom of each page presenting an activity in, you have a "download in docx" button @StaceyJackson

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  • They are available only in English and French so far @EsterNicolásGaret

  • Great! So let's continue @EstherPonce

  • For sure, it will help inclusion @DannaGutierrez

  • Do you know that the same exist on FutureLearn in Spanish @EsterNicolásGaret