Martin Compton

Martin Compton

Dr. Martin Compton leads on programme and assessment design at King's College London.

Location UK


  • @AqsaHussain I am envious of both you and Elizabeth!

  • Cheers!

  • Welcome, I'll be interested to read your paper on publication Laura

  • @RichardSharp oops! sorry!

  • @LuiTam Identifying inappropriate use is a minefield - pre-emptive approaches much better in my view.The issues with detectors (especially in terms of fals positives) mean that trust is undermined. Of course there are obvious inappropriate uses (students including revealing parts of generated outputs for example) but ultimately if the assessment has led to...

  • it's a novel and impossible situation I think in terms of conventional ways of crediting unless of course the case is being made to credit the prompt engineer

  • much of this probably depends on the tool you use. Midjourney is my go to but is no longer offering a free version and is a little fiddly to use. Have you tried copilot ?

  • Thnak you and, yes, for lack of an alternative, we do end up adding to the anthropormophising. I really like your thinking around democratisation and that analogy. I need to think on that!

  • no need to apologies for commenting- comment as much as you like. I do agree... I really value thinking time and stuff/ pressure/ stress often meansd I deny myself this and, when i do, I can feel guilty . not great really when I think about it!

  • This is an interesting case. A grant submission surely is about clarity over creativity? Is all the assistance one can get not best practice or is expression a criterion or a tacit proxy for something else? integrity...? communocation skills?

  • Interesting position...resisting by engaging! Do you think it's possible to AI proof assessment?

  • great to have you here Cath- i'd love to know more about the nature of those queries and the types of folk they are coming from

  • Interesting! How well do you think metaphors derived from cognitive linguistics map onto our ways of seeing and understanding AI?

  • Welcome Mirza- what is your sense of how much 12-16 year olds are using these tools?

  • It'd be interesting to hear your perceptions on the different vibes in those different domains David (or if you think it's the same sort of vibe!)

  • We'll be interested to hear your thoughts Togzhan- do let us know if you have any thoughts/ findings / research summaries to share on this at king's

  • I hope you do! Getting ahead of curves in such a swiftly moving landscape is particularly tough!

  • I hope we can keep your interest in that case Yujie...soap operas can draw you in!

  • thank you!

  • I'm afraid we don't have a 'download the course' option but you are free to copy paste!

  • we do in deed have quite extensive guidance at the central level and with a clear steer that this then needs to be localised

  • @ElizabethCruzFlores Thank you so much- what a great boost on another gloomy day in January- I really appreciate it Elizabeth- Happy new year!

  • I am a huge fan of AI as assistive tech. If you compare, say, Blackboard Ally auto generated MP3 (robotic- lacking human touch as you say but still rerally valuable) with recent avatar and natural sounding voice from text do you see this as an important advancement or is this me missing the point about the human touch?

  • xush kelibsiz Sirojiddin - Kurs sizga yoqadi degan umiddaman

  • Hi Robert...on the 'are they new?' question you'll come across Mark Twain making a point about that later in the course

  • I now want to hear that intertextual poem

  • 'emotional connection' - is that the thiung that will keep our outputs distinct?

  • Hi Michael, the participants are truly formidable...and so diverse. 80 charcters eh? spoilt!

  • Hi Tracey, it is SOOOO fast moving!

  • Hi Sue- great to read your posisive aspect- I think these technologoes do connote changes and grappling with ways to make things better is a really good framing

  • Welcome! we do not mention crime specifically but I hope our context informs your interest

  • Hi Santiago- I've not tried sketch engine- I will now on your mention!

  • Hello Esthefania, I hope this course gives you that!

  • Hi Helen- I've been impressed with the efforts to collect policy and practice by the Canadian AI observatory:

  • Hello Hiroko, welcome. I say a lot that to truly engage you need to find a function or use that really aligns with your work and needs

  • Good to see you here Adnan!

  • Great to see you here Liz!

  • @SergeyTrashchenkov wow- amazing really- the more we signal these examples the better I think pelople will understsand what is going on when you type somehting into a bot.... it's NOT a search engine

  • Hi Marjorie, great to have you here- AI literacy is somehting that needs to start young I think. Youtr thougfhts will be very welcome

  • please do share you r examples when yoiu come to those sections Leonardo!

  • Hi Wendy- welcome- we absolutelky are trying to offer a path to potentials as well as concerns in this mooc!

  • Hi Suleman, your insights will be valuable

  • Hi Zoe! Thnak you and goopd to see you here! Let us know if/ when you find that 'thing'!