Martin Compton

Martin Compton

Dr. Martin Compton leads on programme and assessment design at King's College London.

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  • It's a good question and I suppose it depends on how you interpret that. Machine learning and 'creative' approaches to problems such as the 'shock' move by Alpha Go that defeated the World Go champion could be seen through this lens I suppose. Just for fun I created a a random prompt generator using Claude Artifacts ... I...

  • yes, the notion of simulated intelligence is gaining traction and is useful becuase it contains an inherent challenge to anthropomorphism and elevated assumptions about 'abilities'

  • I feel like my workload has increased!

  • true. and I see no reason why those of us inclined to work through problems in that way would stop. having said that, I dreamt an approach to a piece of writing two nights ago and was able to use AI (in this case voice conversation with mobile version of chatgpt) to speak my dream aloud and to produce a first draft. nb. I am currently laid up with covid and...

  • yes, I agree. I would love equity to be a key driver here.

  • Excellent point Diana. I was chattingw ith friends about the Euros football tournament the other day and trying to explain that my desire for who shoudl win is not simple and tribal and territorial but rooted in perceptions of broad politics of the countries they represent, individuals within the teams and so many other factors! I think it is par tof the same...

  • @UTTAMKUMARTAMBOLI Hi Uttam- good to see you on here! was great to meet and hear from you last week at the Reading conference

  • I think you are spot on there Joseph- you CAN do these things but it takes a lot of labour. A lot more for less where 'less' is not a reduction in quality but a reduction in noise and clutter

  • I like the analogy there Peter...I feel like I could really extend and mangle that one!

  • @FrancesThirlway Hi Frances- what is your objection? I use it all the time! Interested to hear. The way I use it I intend as meaning 'the ways a tool could be used'

  • 100% agree. So long as we are not uploading student work and keep ourselves in the loop I think it offers a really valuable way of tackling a long standing problem. I used to have banks of common feedback phrases but they were always a faff now I can use rough notes or a boilerplate starter and my voice and judgements are central why wouldn't I save myself 20...

  • Yes, Kawther, I wouldn't use genAI tools to research per se though I might use it as an alternative to a generic information artiocle (on wikipedia say) to talk me throiugh something I don't get and, increasingly, to find a phrase or concept I can explain but don't know the word for!

  • yes, same here Pradeep- I find that I now go to different tools according to what I need as much as I'd like a single source it's not anywhere nearly there for me!

  • I like the choice of word here Mariana- versatility is a good way of conceptualising difference

  • This is a great point Claire. I expect some might see the lack of negative consequence for machines learning as a bad thing of itself but the point about fear of failure (and the ways in which our educational structures penalise failure which exacerbates this) is fundamental and reminds me that when we talk about implications of AI we are talking about all...

  • Yes, the essay as a focal point for what needs to chnage in assessment is intersting. I actually think there's a defintie role for essays and perhaps even a way to leverage this growing sense,as you say, for a neewed to reappraise assessment towards a different understand of how essasys are developed, overseen and assessed.

  • Hey Antonella! Good to 'see' you here!

  • Greetings back to your Saurabh!

  • such an important area of research Rhoda- and so complex! so easy to see how these tech can simultaneously grow equity AND exacerbate iniquities!

  • Hi Nitheesh- welcome! One thing I feel is missing from much of the developments and debates is instructional material for lay audiences developed (or co-developed with) those with your sort of expertise. It's often too basic or too complex!

  • this is a really good point!

  • @DaveHarries Maybe it is romantic but if we can leverage AI as a way of finding some of that joy then great

  • exactly- the AI is not biased but the data is

  • @DaveHarries Great point and an issue I struggle with dave. Have you read the Slow Professor (Berg and Seeber)? I'd love to get to a position where I could allow myself time to think!

  • 100% - the amount of time I have spent trying to get my brains cogs to turn towards new/ varied case studies!

  • I agree

  • I think the key is experimentation as you are doing. Likely the first prompt worked better than then the next two?

  • amazing! love the video

  • :-)

  • I think there will always be that side to things - perhaps we really do need a new lanaguge to describe the different sorts of outputs

  • that's such a good point Clare- consideration of it as a new genre

  • Hi Alan- it's taken me a while to get to the latest postings...I hope you still have access! good to see you here

  • Hi Alison! good to see you here!

  • Hi Julia, yes, we have a few updates to do, mostly in terms of what things are called! The landscape and capabilities are moving fast but the underpinning ideas, tech and issues remain

  • Hi Siobhan! welcome. Yes, big challenges but so important to be open to possibility!

  • Hi Emily- yes, voiced over powerpoints do not get very good view figures! I like what my former colelague, Simon Gaisford, does on his pharmacy video channel mostly short- talk to camera- interspersed with the odd demo or visual but mostly v good camera, warm blurry background , human connection and good quality mic

  • Welcome Cássio!

  • HI Beth- I have seen amazing examples of sketched web design used to create basic code for web pages- the design aspect still needs UX expertise and understanding though. I think it will certainky chnage workflows in that sort of work though

  • Hi Lee- really interesting point about recruitment strategies. I use these tools daily too- amazing how quickly I have found them to be so useful

  • Hi Maria, welcome. That's an interesting use case- please let us know if you find a good way to achieve that

  • Hi Helen- one of the research projects we have under way is integrating Research Rabbit - "free forever" which is proving popular with some

  • Welcome Erica- good to have you here- people in our sorts of roles are in a very intersting position , exactly as you describe! I just looked up Southern Cross as I have not encountered it before and the first thing I see on the map is 'Eltham' another of which is a mile or so from where I am now!