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Thomas Waldkircher

Thomas Waldkircher

I am working as a director, actor and a medical translator in Germany. I studied the history of drama and german literature in Munich and Scandinavian Languages in Berlin. Today I live in Hamburg.

Location Hamburg / Germany


  • In my first step I decided to read about the founders of Chinese Plus. It is an impressing list of founder companies and everyone is very engaged to support learners in the whole world. Thank you very much for your wonderful global service!

  • An english director once told me, that we are glad to be allowed to translate Shakespeare. But on the other side we need new translations almost every ten years of each play. But even the costume set of a stage production needs a new "translation" after 10 years ...

  • Could he be unwived or diswived too?

  • I am not sure: But has anyone used "this too solid flesh shall melt" before, or is it an "original" thought by Shakespeare?

  • This christmas one of my presents was an Arden edition of "Cymbeline", which I never read before. But reading the first sentence "You do not meet a man but Frowns" I definitely knew that this is one of Shakespeare's works. Why? No one else could write like this, ever - as far as I know. With only one sentence this (or he?) gives me the chance to see the whole...

  • It's very helpful what will be the main focus in this next four weeks. I am very courious what the keywords will be. How can I find them, knowing only so little about the text?

  • I immediately tried to setup an account for CQPWeb which worked. I could find 12 text passages in which the word "virginitie" was used, the first passage from "Alls well..." which I had in mind when I started the search. FINE and couraging!

  • Hei, Marlene. Jeg kommer fra Tyskland også, fra Hamburg. Hyggelig å hilse på deg!

  • Hei, Ioanna! Jeg heter Thomas. Jeg kommer fra Hamburg, Tyskland. Hyggelig å hilse på deg!

  • Hei, Maria Emmanuella! Jeg kommer fra Hamburg, Tyskland. Hyggelig å hilse på deg!

  • Hei, jeg heter Thomas. Jeg kommer fra Hamburg, Tyskland. Hyggelig å hilse pa deg.

  • Hi, Rose and Jose!
    It is a pleasure to listen to your English, and I appreciate very much that you give your time to help us to improve our language skills. I am a translator from English into German, but my skills in speaking English are not good enough. Thank you!

  • Dia duit. Thomas ist ainm dom. Ta conai orm I Hamburg. Ach is as Frankfurt o dhuchas me.

  • It wasn't easy and it really was a lot. But what I did not like was to study the curses in the end of the week, which I will definitely not use. The examples of blessings are enough for an end of a week with quite a lot of stuff to learn. But everything was interesting and demanding, and you did a great job! Thank you!

  • Thomas is ainm dom. Cad is ainm duitse?

  • Dia daoibh! Mise Thomas. Slan go foill.

  • That sounds very impressing and full of wonderful secrets I would like to hear more about ...

  • One of the main themes seems to be the difference how you see yourself and how others see you.

  • Hello, my Name is Thomas and I am working in the medical field as a translator. I often conduct Interviews with patients to setup scales, medical diaries, symptom tables and more. I know too little about the chemical basis of Medizin, and want to learn more about it in this course.

  • Hi to all, I am Thomas and I am joining the course from Hamburg, Germany. I am a medical translator from the Scandinavian languages and English into German - for trial studies, all pharmaceutical stuff and validation of interviews with patients with rare diseases in D, A and CH. Hi, and what are you doing here?

  • Hi, Erik, thank you for your velkommen hilsen, og
    ha en god start på dagen!

  • Hi, I have already started the course once, but could not manage to stay tuned. I try my best to manage that this time!
    Kind regards, Thomas

  • No, I have no interest in a special Clan, I am only interested in Clans as a part of the history of the highlands. I like the highlands round Durness in Sutherland and the Orkneys most, and have been there every two or three years since 1983. But who tells the history of the changes from 1983 until today? Alone what already the road construction has changed!

  • Yes, I regret that too and that's why I do not look at the new season Outlander anymore. A good counterplay is the netflix-series "Brooklyn" about emigrants from Ireland, who at the same time paints an accurate picture of the Irish in New York and those left at home.

  • One of the main advantages of Fundus photography is that you can monitor the progression of the disease over time, allowing better management plans. Because the procedure is less invasive most patients will prefer that anyway.

  • Hi, to all the participants of this course!

    My name is Thomas and I live in Hamburg in Germany. I am working as a translator and the biggest part of my work are medical translations, trial studies or symptom diaries and patients questionnaires. I am a specialist for the more than 4000 rare diseases and I am conducting interviews with patients of these...

  • Thomas Waldkircher made a comment

    Hi, I am Thomas from Hamburg in Germany! I am already working as a translator for Norwegian, Danish und English and I am extremely curious how language tests work!

  • Hi, Tunde. Thank you for this answer. I studied the Atlas of Diabetes and found in Chapter 3 that the global prevalence of Diabetes will increase from 2017 to 2045 from 7,3 % to 8,4 %. If you compare that for different regions (p.45) you see that North America has the highest increase (10 to 14), next to Europe (6 to 10). Africa is prognosed as going back from...

  • Thomas Waldkircher made a comment

    I have actualized my CV yesterday, because I was asked to send one. To avoid that you do this in a hurry, set yourself a time to actualize it, when you have enough time for it. A good idea could be the start of the year.

    I am always working for different employers (because I am a freelancer in my job) and it is a problem to explain that to somebody else. I...

  • What does Yasmin tell Mali about the word ‘birthday’?
    She proposes to use the abbreviation DOB instead of birthday.

    What does Yasmin say about the Employment, or previous work experience, section?
    She tells Mali that some more details about earlier work could be helpful. As Mali remembers that she had volunteered as a teacher, Yasmin has told her,...

  • I agree that Mali*s English is really very good, as Yasmin has already mentioned before. She could help with customers from China in the store, and she could also be an excellent representative of the company on the phone. She should lay a special focus on her language skills in the cover letter.

  • I find it helpful, that there's a fixed date when the applications must be in, and that even the date of the interview is already named. Iam not used that in my country.

  • I read the advertisement to know what the employer is looking for.
    I record what I have already done in my life.
    I put that together and write, why I could be helpful for the employer.

  • hard skills
    translate a text from EN to DE
    create a character on the stage
    teach the use of a software
    soft skills
    empathize with someone
    listen and understand
    find a way for something

  • At the end of the CV you usually mention "Special skills". In the beginning, I read in the CV of someone else about his "driving license". That is okay, but it doesn't tell anything about the individuality of this person. I started to mention my courses in Futurelearn - and this was a good idea to build up a picture of my wide range of interest and that I like...

  • I found my job through an online portal. I could find a lot of information directly on this site and some hints on how I should write my profile. And had to think about the price for my work from the beginning and could immediately start to make my first experiences. It is helpful to see that other people start at the time. I tried to find people on the same...

  • I'd like to work with children.
    I enjoy working outside
    I’d prefer not to watch the clock
    I don’t mind to travel a lot
    I don’t want to start early in the morning..

  • appreciate working
    propose to work

  • I’d like to have a job that is very interesting and surprising every day.
    I’m not interested in counting anything and lots of numbers..
    I wouldn’t mind changing my home country for that job.

  • There are two groups of Translators: Some have more speaking skills and help people to speak with each other. And some are concentrated on writing and to translate in written words. You can easily prefer the second arm if you prefer. A big platform for translators is Have a look!

  • Wow, that is impressing. Go on with that!

  • Hi, Angel, there are more than 30 different languages in Venezuela, but I think that you probably speak Castellano / Castilian (Espagnol). If you do, you have a good chance with that, because there are more than 570 Million speakers of this language in the world and you are a native speaker of that. Have a look on the website, and start...

  • Hi, Angel! Have you ever realized that you maybe could work as a translator (spezialized in legal texts) from the distance. If you don't mind, where are you from?

  • Have you ever tried American Tap Dancing? I like that most.

  • Hi, Maria! That is interesting! It is hard divide politics from business questions today. But maybe thats the reason why politics come back to us (in a good or bad way).

  • Hi, Najma! Are you thinking about working as a translato? You have to know that most translators translate into their native language today. May I ask you what your native language is? This world needs translation and I think it could be a good idea!

  • Hi, Bibek, i think this is an important point. Reading trains to listen to others. I have never heard that but that's right and a reason to read!

  • Hi to everyone! My name is Thomas and I am working as a translator. I am translating from Norwegian, Danish and English into the language German! I am not used to answering phone calls at my workplace because I have to switch often between these three languages and my native German. I hope the course helps me to manage that better!

  • I have read the transcript and ask myself now, how an increase of 48 % is possible. Over which time will this happen? 25 or 26 years? If this is an absolute growth of the number of people with diabetes, how is the relation to a growing number of people living on earth? Does anyone know?

  • Thomas Waldkircher made a comment

    This is getting me more and more interested in the whole idea. Looking forward to next week!

  • It is a great idea. You can make and see people getting independent. That is a big job.

  • Hi, could you tell us, where you are from?

  • Hi, Mary, your homepage is very relaxed and has colors making happy. I like it!

  • Hi, Mary, that is why we are here. I am interested to hear more about that business. Do you have any help or donors to do that?

  • Hi, Fausto, thanks for your message too! Fine, I like to travel by train, and have been travelling from Hamburg to Nürnberg to Frankfurt to Basel and to Hamburg again in three days (more than 2000 km) and I am planning to go into the Scottish Highlands by train someday, that has to be a fantastic journey. I have be founded a social company, a theatre for kids...

  • Hi, Fausto, thank you very much for following me! I just signed in to the course and I am very interested what your plans are and what you are doing! Regards!

  • Thomas Waldkircher made a comment

    I have heard today from this course and will immediately start to listen. I am very interested in all participants and hope to hear more from you to. I have been a founder of a theatre 1987 which is still working but changing to a combination of publishing house, producing theatre and translation studio and education center. I would be glad to have the help of...

  • Hi, my name is Thomas and I am working as a translator for medical trial studies and other medical tasks. In addition, I am validating the translation of symptom-scales or symptom diaries, and check if the patient can understand every word in the text. I translate from Norwegian and Danish and English into the german language. I live in Hamburg.

  • Hi, my name is Thomas and I am working as a translator for medical trial studies. I am translating from Norwegian and Danish and English into the german language (I am native speaker of German). I am also validating translations and leading interviews with patients of rare diseases to check their good understanding of the texts (sympom scales and symptom...

  • art storm thoughts

  • Hi, everyone, I am trying to step in the course. I am interested since I am translating radio plays and crime and mystery novels from English and scandinavian languages into german!

  • I am very interested in every kind of film, since I was a boy. I was a fan of Star Trek these days, and so I have to mention the big Leonard Nimoy, today. May he rest in peace !

  • I have a lot of Images from a Performances of a novel by Gorki, adapted by Bertold Brecht "The Mother" - The Play developes how the main character from 1907 changes more and more and a Revolution has to come from a mixture of disappointment, Desillusion, Sadness, Poorness, Helplessness ...

  • I remember a production of "Do you love me" by Ronald D. Laing. We had three months time to work on the production, and we startet every day with a Feldenkrais-Training. Before the rehearsals started, we had more than one hour time, "to take place in our own Body", to take a deep breath before we started acting. Since then I never had such a impressing theatre...

  • Hi, I am an actor and director since 26 years. I am one of the artistic directors of a theatre on the isle of Ruegen in Germany, my favourite role as an actor is Mark Twain in "An evening with Mark Twain", Bertram in Shakespeares "Alls well that Ends well" and Robinson in "Robinson & Jane". Would like to hear from you !

  • You are right - I liked this performace, too. I found it in youtube

  • Some reasons why People visit the isle of Rügen instead of the isle of Sylt

    The isle of Rügen in the North-Eastern Region of Germany is by far the biggest Isle in Germany. The whole island has a size of more than 964 square kilometers and that is more than ten times bigger than Sylt, the second german holiday isle. There are more than 1,3 millions of...

  • There is a historic market place in Greifswald. Many People know this place frp, the famous painting by Caspar David Friedrich.

  • I think that is the best that can ever happen to an author: He has to step on the stage himself, he has to reach the public by his own words, and they give them their respect and lend him their ears. Nothing can be better, no "writing School", no "Drama course".

  • Wow again, that was very impressing, thank you for this Explanation !

  • Discuss the reasons why peope sometimes prefer the story book against a filmed version of the story

  • That is very sad, that young people think they have to leave their home land, that they have no other Chance. I will follow your discussion, to understand why they think so.

  • I already read everything carefully, before I found the "e" -trick, fortunately ...

  • Listen twice to this very helpful Explanation and you will not foget ever

  • You need that kind of "Flow"of ideas in the beginning and then you have to fix your first 3-5 answers to the question - that is 80 % of writing an Essay !

  • The life in my Country now is extremely different from life in the past here. The Isle of Rügen, were I live, was a former part of the so called "DDR", the eastern part of Germany, which was established after the second world war. In this time, Rügen was the place, were a lots of inhabitants from Dresden, Magdeburg and Erfurt were sent to for their Holidays....

  • Even if Xiao in this second essay tries to give us more content in a better elaborated language there is a problem in the organization of this text.
    In the beginning, it sounds as Xiao has the plan, to divide everything that happened the last 50 years in "the good and the bad changes".
    But he has only 1200 words and after a (too big) first part about the...

  • Thank you for your examination, Anne !

  • This is an impressing text, anyway. It doesn't matter, that there are some mistakes in it. When you read, you think that Xiao himself is a little short of breath, because everything is changing in a so rapid fast way in China this days.

    Everything changes, and I am only asking myself only, if this really happens because "the government" started a program...

  • I think the question is not so easy to answer. How can we know, how "the way of life" in the past has been ? Spmetimes I can find hints in old films and documentations, especially when people or actors talk about their daily life. For example, in the film "His Girl Friday" from 1942, Cary Grant mentions:
    What is divorce today ? This is only a word, with no...

  • When I first read there is a course of academic writing in English, I asked myself, if I have actually any experiences from my School years. Since I started in the age of ten with the Latin language, I was already twelve years old, when I even heard my first words in English. I had only three lessons a week from then, and the main Point in my English class was...

  • hi and hallo to everybody, I am Thomas from Germany and I am just starting my first course