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Lorrayne Smith

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  • As I'm looking for lots of Smiths, I have to be quite creative in my searches. When one disappeared between the 1901 and 1911 censuses, I got too many returns just by looking for his name. Therefore I looked for his death certificate by doing a simple name search for that time period in the region he had been living in but by working out what age he would have...

  • I've found the Savetz publishing templates really useful in my research. I use the 7 generation family tree to plot individuals. I've numbered each individual (whether or not I've found them) with my daughter as number 1, my husband as 2, me as 3, and so on so that I can easily locate people on the family tree. It also makes it easier to identify my documents...

  • I have a great grandfather who died in Hong Kong in 1909 & I have found very few records for him but what has been useful is transcribed Hong Kong jury records, showing when he arrived in Hong Kong & where he was working and transcribed newspaper announcements from his local newspaper, the Greenock Telegraph, which include the announcement of his death. So...

  • Hello everyone - I've been researching my family history for just a few months. My family are Lowland Scots from Ayrshire / Lanarkshire while my husband's family are from Yorkshire. I'm already finding it hard to organise everything I've found, so I'm hoping that by doing this course I'll get some hints and tips on verifying & collating my information.

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