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Lenita Mariea Marshall

Lenita Mariea Marshall

Health and Wellness Specialist,

Location Kansas City, Missouri



  • A health claim is any claim on label that claims a food brings a particular benefit...the claims must be based on scientific evidence. The evidence is the proof needed to support the claim.

    I often doubt the U.S. standards....

  • eggs, salmon, cabbage, ginger, turmeric, quinoa, berries

  • Cooking food at home will allow families to control how much salt is added to meals. It can also lead to a better consumption of nutrient dense foods instead of high calorie low nutrition foods. I think society is so fast paced that we don't make the time to cook at home very often anymore. We rely on restaurants to feed us.
    When becoming vegan or vegetarian...

  • The breakdown of protein information is awesome! Great take-a-way!

  • Health and Wellness Specialist

  • My food choice hasn't changed much across my life span. I was raised eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. My children were raised to do the same. I still consume lots of plants.

  • In the U.S. we are both commercially driven to eat high fat low nutrition foods, and to make healthy food choices. Personally, I was raised on a farm, that included a freshwater lake. My intake is quite different than the African American centered diet of Soul Food. If and when I cook it, it is modified to be healthier. In the midwest where I live, there is a...

  • Hopefully, many people will begin have their own gardens, and grow their on food, so in 2050, most families will be self sustaining. If not it will probably be mostly lab grown.

  • Health and Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer

  • HI! I am a Health and Wellness Specialist from the United States. I am continuing education with this course. So far, I am loving the information. I hope to gain a deeper knowledge and a better understanding of nutrition by taking this course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  • We have developed appetites for unhealthy, processed food substances. Possibly intentional to increase the need for pharma products due to chronic illnesses. If every family had the means and the knowledge to till soil, and produce their own food, chronic illnesses would be reversed and minimized. I am super excited about this course!!

  • Fleibility and strength..Lucy - so very important! So far I'm getting the impression that the program is giving the participants hope - and once they experience the benefits they have even more! thinking about the loss of strength and fflexibility in your hands as you age can be frightening, thinking about the simple things, like sipping coffee or putting on...

  • At 12 months the participants that received the SARAH program had shown double the progression in hand improvement compared to the usual care participants. That is remarkable!

  • I've never heard of wave baths. I'm interested in finding out more.

  • I agree with the holistic approach, treatihng the symptoms only suppresses the condition whereas diet and activity could possibly cure or at lease keep the disease from progressing. I love this article.

  • So many knee and hip replacements, it seems that these are preferred over weigh management and activity.

  • I am a personal trainer from the United States. What motivated me to join this course is having clients who have been affected by arthritis in their hands. They have limited mobility. Using hand therapy will hopefully offer them some comfort and regaining of some use of what they have lost due to the condition.

  • Very nice to meet each of you. I'm looking forward to the insight that each of you have brought to this course, and take away as much information as possible! Thank you

  • I am a personal trainer and strength coach. I do lots of functional training with my clients, I hope this will increase my capacity to offer them some relief and assistance.

  • -My name is Lenita I want to increase the value of the property I own and rent or sell it. I'm really happy that this course is offered.

  • Just purchased a home. I I want to do some upgrades and sell or rent it and purchase another one. I also have a spot of land and I'm undecided as to what I want to make of it.

  • I massage the area, walk around, stretch, foam roller, reposition, use pillows

  • moving your focus, retraining your brain..

  • Standing or sitting too long

  • This is great news!

  • I still workout. I used to do HIIT, now it use less intensity, less jumping. I can do everything else. I have a bit of pain when I sit for long periods of time. It goes away after I start walking or moving around..

  • weight gain, diet, immobility, age

  • Lets Go!

  • Knowledge to pass along to my clients and help myself if I have it.

  • I am a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. I workout 5 days per week. My weight is managed through diet and activity, I have a sit down job and sitting has caused my hips to be stiff. Age and sitting is not my friend! I am trying to stand up and stretch throughout my work day. Hopefully I can improve hip mobility.

  • Awesome! I joined the Network!

  • I am a personal trainer and I've been an athelete my entire life. My joints have taking a toll with all the activity. I am eager to learn how to managage pain and develope more flexibility while remaining active.

  • So happy to get started!

  • I see changes in gait a lot in both men and women particularly in their 40's. I incorporate functional workouts and discuss diets during most of my sessions.

  • Healthy diet (proper intake of vitamins, minerals, proper hydration, healthy carbs, fats and proteins) regular activity including stretching and proper hydration can aid in keeping the tendons healthy and preserves elasticity. I found some interesting information in the articles below....

  • The section of the thigh muscle is interesting, the loss of muscle fiber is astounding! I hope this will introduce ways to maintain a level of muscle mass as we age. I have cared for the elderly in nursing homes and seeing pictures of them when they were younger, I have noticed sarcopenia. I also have witnessed men and women who exercise regularly, these...

  • Thanks for the reminder! I need to order more collagen.

  • Exactly! They lived off the land and didn't have processed foods such as we have today!

  • The article makes sense, I love the information in which he talks about the DNA strands, and how the ends are shorter and it hinders the replecation process. Listening to the video makes me want to deepen my study of food science so that I can broaden my awareness of the foods that aid in cell regeneration and those that contain higher levels of antioxidants....

  • Simple remedy, yet difficult when we adopt a lifestyle of unhealthy habits. Healthy eating and an active lifestyle can reverse or improve so many conditions. This article speaks volumes.

  • I've noticed the malformation in the joints when working with clients who are obese. lordosis of the spine, and knees turned in from extra weight putting stress on the ankle and knee joints.