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Suzanne Hardy

I work at Newcastle University leading the team creating our FutureLearn courses.

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  • @RuthB I have fixed this link now - thank you for pointing it out.

  • For me understanding the issue of consent is central to privacy and data protection together with who has rights to process data about me and in what contexts.

  • Hello folks

    Thank you so much for pointing out this typo. It is now corrected.

    Hope you are enjoying the course!

  • Hi John, you might be interested in a blog post that we did about the recipes our chef John Crouch used. I've added the link in the See Also section.

  • The 70s and 80s thing of flambeeing food at the table - Crepes Suzette as an example. Flaming the Christmas pudding with brandy. The cutting the cake ritual at weddings where everyone lines up to take photos of the happy couple wielding a large knife over a multi-tiered often extravagantly decorated cake. Piping in the haggis on Burns Night....

  • I took myself off Facebook about 4 years ago - not missed it. I regularly use Twitter both for work and socially, Instagram to post pictures and video, and to look at other peoples knitting, Pinterest to make collections of things over topics (I have a board I use to take to my hairdresser for styling ideas), Skype both socially and for work, Padlet most...

  • Thanks David - that is a useful analogy.

  • I'd add in something to do with the people you lead having autonomy to do their work and be creative. Autonomy is one of the constants that comes up again and again in surveys of what people value in the workplace. For me this is both a combination of trust and collaboration, but so much more than that. Its about encouraging people to take both the autonomy...

  • Happy, fit, strong

  • Not at all - your proposal was very well articulated. I work for the team that created this course at Newcastle University - we would be very happy to talk to you more about your idea. Please use the email address I gave in my last post. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Hi Maria

    It's great that the course has inspired you to come up with this idea! As the creators of the course, the copyright and intellectual property rights of all of the content and course design belong to Newcastle University (we have accredited the work we have incorporated from others accordingly throughout). I'm sure you will have noticed the © symbol...

  • HI Jacqui - Have you tried looking on for a coder to help you?

  • We have edited the video now and it will start right away.

  • The recording has been edited to get rid of the long wait at the beginning, so do click on the link - you will see James after about 5 seconds.

  • This is a really interesting question Helen, and one which we will explore with the Lead Educators. Thanks!

  • *waves*

  • You can! Click on the steps logo in the top left hand corner, and then on To Do - you can go to week 2 easily by clicking on it :) Hope that helps.

  • A good geordie word is femmer :)

  • It is on the blog Loraine :)

  • The Vallum was indeed discussed... See the YouTube link above and at

  • I'd be interested to hear which dictionary you used Michael.... ;)

  • Great suggestion Tracey. We'll pull them all together and post on the blog at :)

  • Hi Lois

    Do get in touch with us via about this. We'd like to help.

  • Hi Pat - when I get a spare minute I'll put them into one document and upload it to the blog post link above.

  • As well as this video with footage of Roman shoes found at Vindolanda, there is a video with master leatherworker Andy Bates talking about making replica Roman shoes at Andy made some of the shoes worn in the videos shot at Arbeia in the Commanding Officer's House.

  • Hi Alan, the episodes were carefully scripted by Dr Rob Collins, and for the most part, our students stuck quite closely to the script.

  • Recipes you say? Already a couple on the blog and more to come this weekend at

  • For those interested in the food eaten at this week's banquet, keep checking our blog at where we will be posting more Roman inspired recipes over the weekend. There are already a couple there.....

  • Keep your eyes on the blog at where we will be sharing some more recipes this weekend. We posted a couple there a few weeks ago.....

  • Hi Alan - we will be sharing details of our courses soon in the wind up to the course, but in the meantime you might like to explore the archaeology options on the Newcastle University website at

  • If you go to Step 1.3 there is a link to this page where you can buy a Certificate of Participation

  • Hi Julia

    We are blogging extra material fairly regularly at which Ian has been highlighting in the course notices which come to you by email on Mondays and Fridays - perhaps you might like to bookmark it for future reference ..... Enjoy the extras!

  • Hi Olivier, its impossible to reply to every question addressed to Educators and Mentors - there are so many of them! Professor Haynes does however attempt to summarise some of the most frequently asked ones in his course notices on Mondays and Fridays, so keep your eyes on the forthcoming emails about the course.....

  • This is a group of our students from History, Classics and Archaeology at Newcastle University on location at Arbeia Roman Fort in South Shields. You will meet them again in week 5, when why they were dressed like this will be revealed.

  • Hi Janet I just checked on both iPhone and iPad, and the exercise works on oth. It does take a few moments to download, but should work on your iPad... perhaps you might try again and let me know how you get on?

  • Hi Rachel I have just checked this on both my iPad and iPhone, and the exercise works on both - you may find the maps take a few minutes to download, but it should work... Perhaps you might try again and let me know how you get on?

  • You won't have to wait long..... Step 3.4........ ;)

  • I work for Newcastle University :) And thank you :)

  • The whole course is available to you from day one until a good long while after it finishes, so that you can work through it at your own pace and your own convenience, and so that you can return to it as often as you like. The only thing that is related directly to the six weeks, is when the educators and mentors are here. Hope that helps.

  • Many thanks for your thoughtful and numerous posts in the course. It's always great to see when people get so engaged with the material, contribute so readily to discussion and offer opinion and help to others - just as you have been doing.

    We have been asked by FutureLearn to request that you stop adding the same link to your forum into every reply you...

  • You have done the right thing by notifying FutureLearn, Bryan. I hope the problem gets sorted soon.

  • The quiz is the next step... Hope you found it!

  • The quiz is the next step....