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Sean Richardson


Hi this will be the fourth course I have done on Future Learn which includes: Introduction to Cyber Security, and CISCO Cyber Ops Associate. I have educational knowledge in Small Talk, JAVA & Pascal.

Location United Kingdom



  • With the growing use of IT around the world and the introduction of ' Internet of Things', (IoT) brings into play a huge target area for all Threat Actors sat out there waiting to identify and exploit these weaknesses. It is essential a robust information management system is put in place. ISO 27001 is an international framework that provides the tools to...

  • My name is Sean Richardson I currently work inan IM support role. I have an HNC in Computing, a Cert Comp Matha (Open) from the OU and a CISCO Cyber Ops Associte. This course will be beneficial for future employment in the Cyber Security field.

  • I thought this would be a good topic to broaden my overall knowledge in how to protect companies from from Cyber Security Threats.

  • The commentary in the video highlight the levels of threat that exist; be it Phishing to get login details or Social Media with unknown extremely good looking individuals trying to get closer to ascertain your secrets or a phone call from a fake bank trying to get you to transfer money with the objective sending to a false account.

  • Ethical Hacking is the pivotal for systems to undergo penetration testing and provides an ideal tool to find a weakness is is found and exploited by a Threat Actor.

  • I'm looking forward to this course.

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  • With all the headlines that have been in the news papers over the last few years; in particular the Ransomeware attack on the NHS, I realised that the threat posed to countries across the world was a serious issue. Observing the data transfer for cyber attacks I realised the threat was worse than I perceived. All the websites had DDOS attacks although the...

  • Issues with hardware could effect connectivity to the Domain Name Server (DNS) . In essence the DNS allows us to use human friendly domain names to create easy to understand web addresses such as it then resolves this to find the associated IP address.
    In terms of issues resulting from an attack, hackers could use a Distributed Denial of...

  • I only have experience of One Note but generally use that for work. Using it as a learning log will be beneficial for revision purposes and keeping track of the topics that have been covered. I'm not aware of the other tools mentioned but will investigate the others to get a better understanding of there functionality.

  • In my opinion I think Cyber Attacks are inevitable. My reasons for this are that the Hackers appear to be one step ahead of the companies that provide protective software and hardware, and additionally the fact that most computers users do not have sufficient awareness of the threat. This is evident from the number of people that fall fowl and clink on links...

  • Sean Richardson made a comment

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Sean, I live in North Yorkshire UK and I'm looking to further my knowledge in Network and Cyber security. I've started a little late but will try and catch up.

  • Sean Richardson made a comment

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Sean, I live in North Yorkshire UK and I'm looking to further my knowledge in Network and Cyber security. I've started a little late but will try and catch up.

  • Hi All,
    By way of introduction, I'm Sean Richardson from the UK. Although starting the course late I have a real interest in Cyber Security and want to learn the methods used to orchestrate attacks and more importantly how we as individuals can defend ourselves and our employers.

  • After going through the survey I believe the company I work for is up to speed if not ahead of the game through the policies and practices in place.

  • Sean Richardson made a comment

    In my opinion a good Cyber Security plan requires a combination of all aspects including:

    Good training to ensure employees are aware of items such as phishing - following that hyperlink to claim a prize or to check on your bank account for an alleged fraud may not be the best cause of action.

    Ensuring the companies software is kept up to date with the...

  • The information I found most valuable over the last week or so - being late adding to the comments, was that of covering the process's a hacker uses to achieve there objectives.

    In terms of information used whilst I'm at work varies according to sensitivity and is classified accordingly which dictates how it is handled and what systems are used to process...

  • It's imperative a routine is in place to monitor these files to know who has accessed them and when.

  • This was an interesting week with lots to consider,in particular the ease at which a hacker can conduct an attack with the tools demonstrated on the videos.
    What would I do differently: Test my vulnerabilities on a regular basis.
    I already ensure I keep my OS and Anti-virus software up to date, use strong passwords and password my documents.

  • What is apparent from the two videos is the fact that vulnerabilities can be easily identified and utilised to attack computers. By gaining a greater understanding of how these can be used to exploit vulnerable computers will allow users to formulate plans for a better defence.

  • This was a good insight in to how easy it is for hackers to get and potentially exploit systems and as Simon said a good way to investigate our own weakness's.

  • I tend to check for the latest updates in terms of OS and Antivirus software for all my families computers to reduce the chance of a cyber attack at home.

    In terms of recent cyber attacks, in particular the ransomware attack on the NHS the blame was attributed to most of the trusts using obsolete systems with over 90% of computers reportedly using Windows...

  • This is an interesting question, it is imperative that all computer users keep there IT up to date with the latest Security patches for the OS and antivirus software.
    Although as mentioned in the article it is dependent on the time frame of the release, with it indicating seven days.

  • Hi Simon, I think you have introduced some good points which need to be considered especially with advent of smart meters telling power supply companies the usage of electricity and gas.

  • There are numerous cyber security threats that SMEs need to be aware of, these include:
    Ransomware, this is were criminals can hold companies to ransom by locking out computers and offering to release them on payment of a fee. This was used against the UK NHS with hackers exploiting vulnerabilities with OS.
    Phishing: as mentioned in an earlier post this is a...

  • Mukunda, I agree with you assessment

  • I don't think it was a was a denial of service attack because generally it's where the hackers aim is to keep the network server busy by sending an excessive amount of messages to prevent access to the system by authorised individuals.

  • Hi, just wondering why you think it is a denial of service attack?

  • The aim of this hack was not a denial of service attack but clearly for the theft of information regarding the clients of Mossack Fonseca enabling them to release the information to the press and ultimately the the wider global community.

  • Hi Arlene, I've just read you post looks like we used the same website should have read your before posting mine

  • Panama Papers Impact

    The impact of the hacking of ‘Mossac Fonseca’ and subsequent release of the ‘Panama Papers’ has been felt across the world. It resulted in the offices of ‘Mossac Fonseca’ being raided and inquires being setup in over 79 countries with individual taxpayers and companies who had dealings with the law firm being investigated. With Europol...

  • Hi All,

    I'm Sean from the UK. I'm studying this course to increase my knowledge of Cyber Security in particular both existing and future threats and the best defence against them.

  • Hi Everyone,
    I'm Sean and currently reside in Whitby. I enrolled on this course to refresh my Java programming skills.
    I have completed the Module M257-Putting Java to work with the OU but haven't really touched it since and thought it would good to learn how to program apps. I built my own computer which is based on an Intel I5 processor, Gigabyte MB with...

  • I like other members of the course would like to compare the data between rich countries to that of perceived less well off. To achieve that I would need to know data regarding a countries wealth and how much it spends on health care.

  • Hi I'm Sean and I'm just starting this course after completing Cyber Security. I have programing knowledge of Smalltalk and Java having completed M206 and M257 with the Open University I also have used Pascal when completing a HNC in computers.

  • I believe the initial claim was made by trade unions, I wasn't aware of the registers report but as it states BA believe it was due to a power outage

  • Sean Richardson made a comment

    I'm the same as Desmond my main failing was using the same password for more than one account which I'm in the process of changing.

  • To reduce the risk of an attack I keep my software up to date with the option to update Microsoft software automatically turned on and I check for updates to Norton Internet Security. In addition for documents containing sensitive data I use password protection I particular my bank statements. With all my documents, pictures, videos being backed up using...

  • Deborah I use edge too, in the advanced options it provides you an option to block 3rd party cookies,.

  • The only additional thing that Lewis saves that I don't is passwords and account details.

  • Lot of company's seem to contract out IT elements of there business which has detrimental effects, a more recent one that springs mind is the issues BA experienced which was claimed to be because of outsourcing.