Ania Mauruschat

Ania Mauruschat

Hi! I am a PhD student at the English Seminar of the University of Basel.

Location Basel, Switzerland


  • Philipp Schweighauser (Educator)

    Philipp Schweighauser (Educator)

    Professor of North American and General Literature at the Department of English of the University of Basel, Switzerland. Tweets under @pschweighaus. (Photo credit: Peter Schnetz, University of Basel).

  • Marina Meijer
  • Rahel Ackermann Hui (Mentor)
  • Diana Laurillard
  • Eileen Kennedy

    Eileen Kennedy

    Senior Researcher at UCL Institute of Education with the Future Education team at the RELIEF Centre: Twitter: @eileenkennedy01

  • Siobhan McHugh

    Siobhan McHugh

    My podcasts include the award-winning Phoebe's Fall, Wrong Skin (with Fairfax Media), Heart of Artness. I founded RadioDoc Review to critique podcasts. As A/Prof I research and teach podcasting at uni

  • Grace Stranger
  • Stafford Lumsden