Nina Stevenson

Nina Stevenson

Head of Education (Sustainability) at Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion

Location London, UK


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  • Hi Wei - there are many different iterations of the Design Thinking process. In Week 4 you will have the chance to test your prototype. Good luck!

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    Welcome to you all! So pleased you are joining us for Fashion Values: Nature.

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  • Hi everyone! Great to meet you all through this course and the power of FutureLearn. Hope you are enjoying the course.

  • @PhyllisCharlotteSawall Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad the downloads can offer you the opportunity to return to this in the future when more relevant to your project. Best of luck!

  • There are some challenging conversations happening this week, thanks for all your inputs and exchanges. Its worth remembering that we are using a holistic outlook for design - this course offers design approaches that are applicable across a whole business, not just at product design stage. To honour nature and human equity this more inclusive yet complex...

  • This is particularly pertinent in fashion supply chains as they are so complex and disjointed, and often the people are hidden from the process. Thanks for the prompt to deeply reflect on the power our decision-making has.

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  • Thanks for the positive feedback! I really enjoyed working with all the different contributors to bring the agendas to life.

  • Thanks for sharing your summarised notes @JuliaHenry I'm sure other learners will find this helpful. Which of these sources did you find most interesting, or was new to you?

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    If you missed the live debate on 7th and 8th November, don't worry you can continue to comment and discuss below.

  • Thanks Vittoria, its great to share your knowledge in thus area and to be raising the complex decision making when thinking about ethical and environmental impacts. Often our values in these areas can make material sourcing very difficult and a times contradictory!

  • Hi Celine, do you have examples of what you think a vegan leather should be? What are the requirements from your perspective? I think there are lots of different interpretations so it would be good to share with each other.

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    Thank you all for kicking off this debate so eloquently! It is great to hear many contrasting and complex responses. Don't forget to engage directly with each other - this way we can really dig down in to the complexity of these arguments. And if you have sources / evidence to share then please do.

  • We can learn so much by looking into our own habits and practices. Kate Fletcher's work on The Craft of Use explores this in great detail.

  • Sorry! Just realised this is worded badly, we are fixing this. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Thank you for your reflections on your personal experiences and thoughts in relation to this week's content. Remember to respond directly to each other - that's one way of developing conversations and arguments. Sometimes this can feel challenging, but constructive analysis of our perspectives is a great way to learn from each other. A global mindset is really...

  • Great to hear this is informing your work, thanks for the feedback!

  • Thank you for all of your introductions, it is incredible to be hearing from so many different locations and perspectives. I hope you find the time to interact with each other and find connections that can inform and challenge your practice.

  • Hello all! So pleased we can meet through this course and understand our wishes and experiences for fashion and sustainability. I look forward to connecting with you over the coming weeks.

  • Thanks @TracyHoltze we've fixed the link on the CSF site now.

  • Thank you for all your contributions so far, I'm really enjoying working through them all. Great to see such a diversity of responses and ideas. And thank you for your feedback - it is constructive and allows us to reflect on the process and how we might develop it in the future.

  • Hi, you'll find these on step 5.14

  • Thanks for all your posts. If you have not managed to engage in this debate activity yet, don't worry, you can still comment and discuss with each other.

  • @ShahiraKamal If you enjoyed Kate's thoughts then you should definitely read her books, and look at her project The Craft of Use.
    Also you might want to look at CUSP (Centre for Understanding Prosperity) Tim Jackson, also Simon Mair who was in the Agendas podcast in week 1.
    There was an interesting article...

  • @AnastasiaGraham there doesn't seem to be any info on The Pool just yet - I have also been told it will be streamed on Antibad's Facebook page, so you could try there. And that it will be up on The Pool for some time in case you can't watch it live. Thanks for the feedback, so glad you are enjoying the course.

  • I really like this idea of multiple approaches providing multiple alternatives, rather than one homogenous solution / approach.

  • Interesting point to raise @AnastasiaGraham Have you also considered any moral / considerations around bio or lab grown leathers? If the origins of the material are animal based, is the material classed as vegan?

  • Hi Rita - you will need to do your research. As this course teaches, sustainability is a complex and multilayered area, so every company will have a different focus/approach/strategy based on its values and its impacts. Find out lots about the company and try to use the CSF framework to identify a focus for the brand.

  • Thank you all for your feedback! It is so great to hear you are hungry for more resources and links. We tried very hard to not overwhelm this course with too much material as it is easy to feel swamped. If you want to develop your thoughts further I recommend heading to our website to find out more about Centre for Sustainable projects, and in particular our...

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    For those of you who are London based, we will be hosting a panel debate on Thursday 26 April as part of Fashion Revolution week, marking five years since the Rana Plaza tragedy, introduced by Dilys Williams

    Details here:

  • Thanks for the lively debate so far! As we anticipated, this is a highly charged question with many ethical, environmental, moral arguments taking place. I have read strong feelings around animal welfare, moral objections to use of animal products, concerns around processing and biodegradability... keep discussing, there are some great thoughts there.

  • Hi Tracy
    do you have any experience of the performance of cork and other naturally derived leather alternatives? It's great to hear from a maker who is experimenting first hand with leather and leather alternatives.

  • Sorry some of you are having difficulties uploading to Padlet - we will look into this for you.

  • Clearly there are going to be interconnections and overlaps between the agendas. Maybe start with one and see how you get on? We would really like you to focus your approach so you can gain depth of understanding. Once you get started you may find you don't have time to work with two Agendas. I think you will find it difficult to apply two Agendas to one...

  • Sorry there were no links for the Cultural Agenda - we have rectified this and added them to the page. Hope you find them helpful.

  • For the fashion educators & researchers, please be aware of our forthcoming conference What's Going On? call for papers is open until 22 April, tickets will go on sale in May.

  • Please use the transcript if you are having difficulties with the audio. Sorry you found it too fast to digest.

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    Hi all
    Thanks for your thoughtful responses to the Issues. I get the sense you are feeling very overwhelmed by what has been raised through this step, and in some cases saddened. I hope that by shining a light on the multiple issues associated with fashion you can begin to feel emboldened to research in more depth the areas that are concerning you. These...