Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi

Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi

Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi (MENJ) is a Comparative Religion Specialist and an aspiring polyglot. He hopes to be able to master 10 languages at a near-native level by the time he reaches 50 years old.

Location Malaysia



  • Just call me MENJ

  • Generally, I would say that the report is biased. And Indonesia is not the only country with a Muslim majority, look at Malaysia as well.

  • Malaria and Covid-19 are definitely diseases for which we need vaccines in my region (Southeast Asia).

  • Never heard of this disease and I live here.

  • @ArnoudJ Well, if we read the Gospels you will find that there were many supernatural incidents that were without any witnesses. Examples:

    Matthew 3:13-17
    Matthew 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8, Luke 9:28–36
    Matthew 27:53-54

    If this is a valid criterion to be used, then John of Damascus would need to renounce his religion.

  • I wish I could take the Masters degree but unfortunately, I don't qualify academically.

  • Personally, I think Egypt is a poor example for Muslim-Christian relations. Why is there no mention of Southeast Asia?

  • @MarinaLandwehr Muslims believe that "evil" is a test from God and that the true believer will persevere through any crisis in their lives.

    "Do people think once they say, “We believe,” that they will be left without being put to the test?" (Q 29:2)

  • @DonatoKarwowski The point was to use Christian / NT scholarship to prove that the authorship of the NT is unknown. If a Muslim author were cited, Christians will simply dismiss it as being biased.

  • Pelik cara pengajaran bahasa seperti ini.

  • Ada sedikit kesilapan tatabahasa di dalam perbualan di atas.

  • Salam sejahtera, saya berada di sini untuk meninjau bagaimanakah silibus Bahasa Melayu yang diajar oleh Universiti Malaya.

  • Here's my take on the issue:

  • Perhaps he was placating the Caliph or being condescending, or perhaps he was sincere. Only God knows what was in his heart at the time.

  • Scornful and dismissive of the message of the Quran. Ad hominem at its best.

  • @StephenCowley But Jesus was never called "Immanuel" during his lifetime.

  • I love the poetry, it strikes at the heart of the problem with Christianity.

  • @TomDussman Here's a better rendition of the same poetry:

  • @WilmaP Yes it is a huge problem indeed.

  • Hi, I am a Muslim from Malaysia.

  • I believe that the challenge here in Malaysia towards vaccination is confidence. There has been a widespread social media campaign by anti-vaxx acolytes and their followers to discourage the public against vaccination. I think this is due to ignorance of how a vaccine works in general. While admittably there are drawbacks to some types of vaccination, it still...

  • This demonstration clearly shows why we all have a role to play in getting ourselves vaccinated.

  • I like this explanation!

  • Hi I am from Malaysia. Looking forward to learn and benefit from this course!

  • I have zero knowledge of the Thai language.

  • I have been involved in the digital world for as long as I can remember, which is why I voted "confident".

  • Interested to learn how social media can be utilized to attract customers and gain conversions.

  • My company has an online store and there are other companies which allow users to purchase items via mobile apps.

  • To be digital means understanding how technology works and how people are interacting with them and experiencing them in a digital world.

  • I think of computers, smartphones and Google whenever the term "digital" comes up.

  • What would your key football moments be and why?
    - The establishment of FIFA and the the first World Cup in 1930 would be key moments for football to become a world sport.

    How would you compare football at the time of the first Football World Cup in 1930 with today?
    - Most likely in 1930 football was not widely established around the world as it is today....

  • Football is the people's game, as they say here in my country, so businessmen, politicians and even royalty are involved in the administration of the game, the latter more so. At one time, my country could be considered as one of the major powerhouses of Asian football in the 70s and early 80s. Because of the money that was flowing into the game from those...

  • Read MM Azami's works on the ahadith, especially his magnum opus refuting Schacht:

    The historicity of the ahadith is authentic beyond any doubt due to the system of isnad (chain of narrators) and they can be traced right up to the Prophet PBUH himself. Each person in...

  • Hi, I joined this course because I have absolutely zero knowledge of Korean and would like to know more about it.

  • 1. The Crusades would fit the description of "absolute truth claims".
    2. The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict fits the description of "divisiveness" as the Conflict is about colonisation, land and resources but has been framed as a racial/religious war.
    3. The insurgency of the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka would be a good example of how the rebels fought...

  • Are there translations of these Msses available online?

  • Religion as divisive: I would say the ongoing conflict between the Rohingya of Rakhine state in Myanmar (who are Muslims) and the Myanmar government who are Buddhists is an example of a divisive conflict which is not a religious one but is framed as such.

  • For national propaganda and for sensationalist whipping of public sentiment, religion is often blamed for conflicts which at its root cause does not involve religion at all. For example, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict at its basic root cause is about colonisation, land grabbing and resources. Yet the media often portray it as a religious conflict which will...

  • Yes, I do agree with the statement as religion creates intricate and powerful bonds between individuals, and when individuals are together, form a strong community as a whole. Religious icons and symbols can and are often used as rallying points for believers to come together to pursue a certain cause or goal.

  • Yes, I agree with you Collins.

  • I would say that in Malaysia, awareness of religion is pretty much on the rise but secularists are increasingly encroaching on this way of life and trying to impose their worldview on others, using the Constitution as an excuse. In Malaysia, Islam is seen as part of the ethnic identity of the majority and is thus inseparable from public life.

  • Which country are you from?

  • The conflict in Malaysia is unseen: between those who want to uphold Islam as the religion of the Federation and interpret it as per the Qur'an and the Sunnah to be implemented to the best of their ability here; and those who hold that Malaysia is wholly secular without any religious interference and cite the Malaysian constitution as a basis for their...

  • When I hear the word "conflict", what comes to mind are violence and force, intolerance and hatred of the "other", and friction between two opposing ideas.

  • I believe that religion is a set of guidance or principles that becomes your path in this life for the next one after death. So by this definition, it also covers non-theistic or man-made ideologies such as communism and environmentalism if the adherents of such ideologies concerned make them a focal point of their lives that will guide their every action.

  • I believe that religion is a set of guidance or principles that becomes your path in this life for the next one after death.

  • The common point are they are different forms of worship and in a congregation united in one belief. Religious diversity is the tolerance of other peoples' belief and culture, while not sacrificing your own for another.

  • I am thinking of doing a research on the number of Malaysian users that are active on Twitter and explicitly identify themselves as such by using a #malaysia hashtag or a variant that indicates that they are from Malaysia. Also, what are the common themes that interests them as Malaysians when they use this specific hashtag.

  • I used to believe that whatever I post online on my social media accounts are private for me alone, as I didn't think that anyone would be interested to know about my private life. However that perception changed in late 2016. Now I take great care to ascertain what I post and what I do not post. I no longer update information about my movements, my family, or...

  • I am more inclined towards religious texts, which is why I have chosen Islamic Arabic 1245 Mss and Syriac 10 Mss:

    I would be most especially interested in Islamic Arabic 1245, since the author and title of the text is unknown...

  • Having primary sources can serve as a direct insight into the minds of those who were experiencing and living the events that happened several decades or even centuries before our time which we may not be privy to. Such sources will help us understand what, how and when a certain event happened, the circumstances of it and how people at the time dealt with it...

  • Social media tools are definitely useful tools to call out to others with similar views and opinions and gather them together for activism towards a set goal. This is especially more so if there are restrictions on mass protests or gatherings in the country where the activism is taking place.

  • For me, Twitter has become a less engaging place for social interaction and I do not tweet at all these days.

  • I am choosing this topic:

    It was interesting to note on the various ways that one should care for and preserve your old photographs. Environment plays a role in conservation, and the article places much emphasis in ensuring that when storing photographs, you should ensure...

  • Islamic Arabic 1165 and Islamic Arabic 1317. The first Mss is a book of poetry whereas the second Mss is of the Qur'an. I choose them because they look interesting. They are both decoratively done but written in different scripts. Arabic 1317 was written in the Naskh script.


    Looks to me like an effort to index every available Qur'anic Mss that are available in collections around the world today, in digital form, so that it will be preserved for the...

  • Interesting titles, thank you!

  • Hi, I am from Malaysia and I look forward to engaging with everyone via this course!

  • Hi all, great to be here and I hope to complete this course.

  • Comparing the Islamic Arabic 1572a Mss and Sultan Baybar’s Qur’an, the difference is not only in the script (Hijazi for the 1572a Mss and Thuluth in Sultan Baybar's Quran) but also in approach. The 1572a Mss (Birmingham Quran) does not have any decorations and is presented in a plain style with only dots representing the diacritical vowels. The Sultan...

  • Hijazi, Kufic and Maghribi scripts.

  • The 1572a and 1572b Mss are without any diacritical marks and was simply written in Hijazi script without any elaborate decorations or colouring. Whereas the Sultan Baybar's Qur'an is written in the Thuluth script, is with the diacritical marks and was clearly intended to be decorative as it has geometrical ornaments on its pages and around the Arabic text.

  • It will probably not be a huge problem for those who are familiar with a language without vowels, but will be difficult for those who are not able to distinguish words without vowels.

  • Cadbury may or may not have been guided by his religious beliefs to collect Mss from all over the ME. What is certain is that he is definitely interested in pursuing this for knowledge alone, and he had the wealth and means to do so.

  • These were most likely loose pages from a whole Qur'an that they stashed away because it was old and has fallen into disuse, and the Western orientalists managed to obtain them before it was destroyed.

  • The reason why different parts of the same Qur'anic Mss are held in different locations is that they may have either been found separately by different scholars in different periods of time, and/or they may have been mixed up with another Mss collection and was misidentified as being part of a different Mss.

  • This finding is significant because this proves that the Muslim narrative on how the Qur'an was compiled is confirmed to be true and authentic, namely that the Qur'an was already compiled even after the death of the Prophet PBUH and Uthman codified it years later. At the same time, it buries the revisionist theories of Wansbrough and Crone into the ground,...