Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi

Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi

Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi (MENJ) is a Comparative Religion Specialist and an aspiring polyglot. He hopes to be able to master 10 languages at a near-native level by the time he reaches 50 years old.

Location Malaysia



  • Hello, I am learning Mandarin.

  • I learnt a lot of things here.

  • Islam:

    1. Tawhid
    2. The five daily salah
    3. Alms-giving and charity

  • I was surprised to know that the United States has the most number of Christians in the world today.

  • Fascinating!

  • I am interested to learn about Zoroastrianism because it is the only world religion that I have little to zero knowledge about.

  • Everything that you want to know about me is in my profile link.

  • Very insightful and valid questions about the Christology that Christians believe in.

  • Then why did you take this course?

  • Seafaring seem to be an integral part of the culture.

  • Looking forward to the course.

  • Revisionists have no place in Quranic scholarship.

  • Very good introduction.

  • I am from Malaysia. I want to increase my knowledge in regard to the topic.

  • Just call me MENJ

  • Generally, I would say that the report is biased. And Indonesia is not the only country with a Muslim majority, look at Malaysia as well.

  • Malaria and Covid-19 are definitely diseases for which we need vaccines in my region (Southeast Asia).

  • Never heard of this disease and I live here.

  • @ArnoudJ Well, if we read the Gospels you will find that there were many supernatural incidents that were without any witnesses. Examples:

    Matthew 3:13-17
    Matthew 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8, Luke 9:28–36
    Matthew 27:53-54

    If this is a valid criterion to be used, then John of Damascus would need to renounce his religion.

  • I wish I could take the Masters degree but unfortunately, I don't qualify academically.

  • Personally, I think Egypt is a poor example for Muslim-Christian relations. Why is there no mention of Southeast Asia?

  • @MarinaLandwehr Muslims believe that "evil" is a test from God and that the true believer will persevere through any crisis in their lives.

    "Do people think once they say, “We believe,” that they will be left without being put to the test?" (Q 29:2)

  • @DonatoKarwowski The point was to use Christian / NT scholarship to prove that the authorship of the NT is unknown. If a Muslim author were cited, Christians will simply dismiss it as being biased.

  • Pelik cara pengajaran bahasa seperti ini.

  • Ada sedikit kesilapan tatabahasa di dalam perbualan di atas.

  • Salam sejahtera, saya berada di sini untuk meninjau bagaimanakah silibus Bahasa Melayu yang diajar oleh Universiti Malaya.

  • Here's my take on the issue:

  • Perhaps he was placating the Caliph or being condescending, or perhaps he was sincere. Only God knows what was in his heart at the time.

  • Scornful and dismissive of the message of the Quran. Ad hominem at its best.

  • @StephenCowley But Jesus was never called "Immanuel" during his lifetime.

  • I love the poetry, it strikes at the heart of the problem with Christianity.

  • @TomDussman Here's a better rendition of the same poetry:

  • @WilmaP Yes it is a huge problem indeed.

  • Hi, I am a Muslim from Malaysia.

  • I believe that the challenge here in Malaysia towards vaccination is confidence. There has been a widespread social media campaign by anti-vaxx acolytes and their followers to discourage the public against vaccination. I think this is due to ignorance of how a vaccine works in general. While admittably there are drawbacks to some types of vaccination, it still...

  • This demonstration clearly shows why we all have a role to play in getting ourselves vaccinated.

  • I like this explanation!

  • Hi I am from Malaysia. Looking forward to learn and benefit from this course!

  • I have zero knowledge of the Thai language.

  • I have been involved in the digital world for as long as I can remember, which is why I voted "confident".