Neroli Wesley

Neroli Wesley

Neroli is a writer, designer, maker, teacher and performer. She was here to help make FutureLearn courses for Deakin. Her contract ended in December 2019 and she's now at Research doing compliance.

Location Deakin University, Burwood, Australia


  • PE was hell and if I'd been forced to play sport on Saturdays I would have killed myself. Horses for courses.

  • And not judging is important.

  • So Brian Reed's advice. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?


  • Podcasting is a powerful tool for social change. People with vast experience have taken to podcasting to get their message out. Preet Bharara was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York when he was fired by Trump. His podcast, Stay Tuned, features his colleagues from years fighting corruption. It offers great insights into how things work in the USA.

  • Amazing. Natasha Mitchell is a national treasure in the making imho. The soldier's story is very similar to parts of the plot of Eye in the Sky.

  • @GlenLuttrell That's sounds right up my alley Glen. Can you point me any examples in the wild? I'd love to see them :-)

  • Thanks @DarciTaylor ! Interesting - that would take care of one aspect of the build. Here's one instance of the Flash microscope. It's far from perfect but each version works for each 'Do' task: <>. Unfortunately you need a Flash player (sob).

    I hasten to add that I had a great team with a...

  • The S-town episodes where the big surprise comes out. - don't want to spoil anything - but I don't read about things before I see/hear them so it hit me like a brick.

  • Hi @LindaM , my player has a very useful 'rewind thirty seconds' button. When I missed something or got distracted or my mind wandered off somewhere, that button lets me zip back to pick up the bits I missed.

  • We are made of star-stuff. The chemicals that make up our bodies were created inside stars and exploded into the universe. Somehow it arrived here. The atoms have been recycled millions of times and now they are us; we are they. Everything is connected.

  • @LynnZimmerman A cloche? A boater? A Trilby? I know what you mean. It used to be a trip to the lounge room to use the massive dictionary. Now it's all in your pocket :-)

  • Hi @DarciTaylor @GlenLuttrell I used to be a Flash programmer and I really miss the ability to create interactives that directly address learning outcomes.

    I ran a project at Melbourne Uni to train first year Biology student on using their expensive microscopes. We delivered on BlackBoard but found a way to embed Flash, QTVR and other elements. We had a...

  • @GlenLuttrell Thanks for replying :-) It looks like that was a useful conference. Note to self: look into H5P

  • @ClaireUrbach That's really interesting Claire. It's often difficult to replicate organically formed relationships like mentor/mentee, particularly cold. I think so much of that is shared attitudes and even sense of humour. It's hard, but maybe not impossible to canvas those things. A multiple choice question that asks which of these jokes is the funniest?

  • I'm a learning junkie. I've finished many online courses and started way more. The most recent course was an Accelerated JavaScript Training. Very interesting delivery method with use of tools external to the Udemy platform and direct to camera delivery by the drily humorous German teacher.

    I tell a lie, I've started a podcasting course and this course...

  • What was the best one Glen?

  • @LisaHarris I think this is an interesting point. You may be right Lisa. If that was the only digital learning people experience I can see why they might think it's inferior. It's funny that corporate compliance is so retro compared to other types of digital learning.

  • Love that Ken Robinson values allowing creativity to flourish. I love his playful delivery and serious message.

    Imho, learning on the fly is the ants pants. From watching my stepkidlings I know that they look up facts, theories and opinions on their phones as naturally as breathing, specially if they can prove me wrong about something.

    In formal...

  • Thanks Julia. You are more than welcome to have conversations with other students as well. Sometimes they will help you broaden your learning more than the course!

  • Your experience will add to this course for everyone. Welcome!

  • Welcome!

  • Hi Judy, Interesting and thorough comments thank you. The link should take you directly to the info on Hurricane Irma. I wonder why it didn't.

  • Hi everyone, I'm a Senior Ed Developer at Deakin University working on FutureLearn units similar to this one.

  • @ChrisD Lol, that's interesting. Yeah, it's grown so much you may not recognise it now. Can't believe that 1990 is nearly thirty years ago. We have problems for sure but we're pretty lucky in many, many ways.

  • @ChrisD Calgary, how wonderful. I was in Jasper and Banff last year but we didn't get over to Calgary. I fed a moose in Kamloops and went whale watching off Victoria. I loved our time in Canada :) Yes, Melbourne is warming up. Fire season soon. Kamloops and Vancouver were almost invisible through the smoke. Scary stuff.

  • @ChrisD Hi Chris, only in that I listen all the time. I've never made a podcast so I have heaps to learn! I do lots of different stuff because I get bored easily :) I'm in Melbourne, in Burwood at the minute actually. Where are you?

  • Adnan was totally guilty imho. Hot-headed, jealous, obsessed, story full of holes. I think the presentation was a large part of the appeal. Shrimp sale at the Crab Shack!

    Is S*** Town considered to be the 'next Serial' at the moment?

  • You did Phoebe's Fall? That was a fantastic listen. Poor Phoebe. The rich really can (allegedly) get away with just about anything.

    I'd like to know how podcasters deal with suddenly being in the public eye, with blowback, with loons, with differing opinions and angry people.

  • Hi, my name is Neroli and I'm a podcast addict.

    I listen in the car, in bed, while I'm cooking or cleaning, while I'm doing stuff on the computer and when I should be doing something else. I've listened to our ABC Radio National for many years and a lot of their content pre-dates podcasts but has the same spirit of story. I still miss The Night Air. Now I...

  • Hi Sharon, I recognise your name :)

  • I think you're right Eduardo. I use boring podcasts if I can't sleep. Keeps my mind on something but if it's boring I'm off to the land of nod. zzzzz