Beverley Griffiths

Beverley Griffiths

Director for Resilience with responsibility for management and development of the Crowd and Public Safety capability, also advises on Business Continuity, Risk, Security & Safety, Crisis Management.

Location North Yorkshire


  • Hello, I'm a resilience Director at UK Emergency Planning College. looking to always learn more and connect. looking forward to this

  • Hello, I'm Bev from Yorkshire England. I'm looking forward to this course and hearing from you on this journey.

  • It is not natural cause.

  • I will ask

  • So glad your feeling better. Yes lots of normal cold, hayfever etc around too. They don't go away. It is worrying though. Glad your better.

  • thanks for your comments. I will certainly look at it. the exercise was just to get folk to think rather than be planning tool, where this information is for planners

  • Your certainly correct. the Covid -19 has certainly given us loss of access

  • this will certainly do that for you. If you have any questions please ask

  • This course will certainly assist you in this.

  • It certainly will assist you, just ask me questions as you go through

  • It certainly will assist you. I can certainly point you to further specific support just ask

  • The course was designed prior to Covid-19 to be generic, so will assist for most emergencies. If there is anything I can help with just message me.

  • This will certainly assist you. The course was designed prior to Covid-19 to be generic, so will assist for most emergencies. If there is anything I can help with just message me.

  • The course was designed prior to Covid-19 to be generic, so will assist for most emergencies. If there is anything I can help with just message me.

  • The course was designed prior to Covid-19 to be generic, so will assist for most emergencies. If there is anything I can help with just message me.

  • If there is anything specific I can help with please ask.

  • The course was designed prior to Covid-19 to be generic, so will assist for most emergencies. If there is anything I can help with just message me.

  • This course will certainly assist you in this. please do message me if I can help further

  • The course was designed prior to Covid-19 to be generic. if there is anything I can help with just message me

  • The course was designed prior to Covid-19 to be generic. if there is anything I can help with just message me

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    TV license

  • was good Rugby this weekend

  • the idea is that they are easily accessible protected so you can use them immediately. during flooding or any home disaster having cleaning product's to clean and secure possession has been one of the key learning from most disasters

  • it is a fascinating area that has come to our understanding with the last few years. solar flares can cause problems with our communication systems: meteors small or big can take down our space communications and cause impacts. there is lots on line. try this site.

  • I'm currently a Group Scout Leader - Be Prepared is the best motto ever! wonder why i'm in this job. enjoy the course

  • there are recovery organisations, but a back up some where like cloud or elsewhere.

  • perhaps hold copies somewhere. but the local council should be able to help or bank

  • We moved away from family and although have friends, not sure how long we could rely on there generosity. insurance check is a good thing

  • if there is anything i can help with let me know. it is about making it right for you.

  • Panic is very rare. much of what you see if a core human system of flight or Fight. Most people are trying to escape.

  • they are trained to look at the audience they have, they are aware of disabilities which would mean some could not

  • there is a plan to release one next year

  • i hope this got sorted? others seemed to be able to do it. please let me know if you still have problems

  • we have run this a few times now and the first running had lots of public members on. i hope that poeple link the courses as there is more to there web sites and promote it to there public audiences. we do hope to continue post Futurelearn on our own website.

  • Malcolm thank-you. i'm sorry noone else commented much. there are others ont he journey, but they might be a little longer in the journey of the steps. i wish you well.

  • thankyou for your comments.

  • please keep with the course, it is step by step

  • keep going there is a steps that will help

  • Paul i would happily discuss anything you need to support you offline

  • Great ideas the hide part in attack incident is important. The get out equally if fire. All buildings must have refuge areas for you to go to in fire. Ask about what they will do for you, so you can help them help you. Most safety officers would be pleased to work with you.

  • Nicky i wish i could do more, i have raised it to those who did the run hide tell. they said there was plans, but yet to come to fruision. having worked in a previous career with many disabilities, there are as you suggest many diffierent realities one solution will not fit all. However they are often the most resourceful and determined people i have ever met...

  • Caitlin is right under Health and safety and Fire regulations, there is a need for buildings to provide a safe location/refuge. @NickyAllen @CaitlinC

  • Great thanks for these. The USA has some great resources.

  • I'm sorry we will get on to that right away

  • Nicky your right there is not much out there, which is specfic. It is planned for amongst professionals. The generic advise is general applicable to all. Ask where the idenitified places are in public buildings, at home ensure you have phone numbers to hand, usually most councils have phone line to call in times of need. Is there more you would want?

  • I have asked but unfortunately it is Utube based@yanyunzhang

  • I have asked and there is a plan to do one, but it has not yet made the recording yet. They hope it will be soon.

  • In the UK there are many departments delaing with terrrorism. They work together with each other and the community to deal with the different areas. The Police lead mainly but with the community support.

  • that brilliant, i love it. great fun

  • i think it is a u-tube based film. this is the link
    i will try and find another source

  • Ian. Not sure if i get what you want from me. Your right many people have a problem with the definitions, However we have a Piece of Legislation the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, and its supporting guidance which gives us the definitions, and so we stay with them for the course.

  • Hello, this course is aimed at public. it is useful for any organisation to have all its staff more prepared personally, to then support work in times of need also. I hope it is not too much, as it is all from the National UK risks. if you need more support let me know we can take it offline.

  • Different age groups certainly have different thresholds and requirements. as a Mum of a teenage (just!) i know the pain of the wifi. i do think though if a longer emergency occurs, they would join in and support the wider family/community support. i hope!

  • That is a shame about the lack of information, but you sound like your well on your way with your local historical information of finds out your own local risks.

  • Howard your right, the principles hold true and they will help you prepare where ever you live in the World.

  • David, i see your point. Have a look at the National Risk Register and local Risk Registers, coming up in the next steps. Theses are based on facts from government departments. If your still not convinced, being prepared for things like house fire, family illness, loss of work is all still planning for these consequences of loss. It is still important to be...

  • Deborah, the word does change, but it shows no signs of changing fast, that your extinct volcano may be active again. however there are plenty of other real risk you can plan for. keep going and find out more.

  • great do not underestimate where water will go! however contact your local council they can help with flood warden schemes, whcih you can help with.

  • great thoughts. do not underestimate, flooding can occur anywhere, pipes or over spill occur even on tops of hills, water goes up, where ever it can, if your the highest point it might be where it comes out as it has nowhere else to go..

  • Hopefully this step by step will encourage people to think and plan, if the outcome is better prepared, then it is all we can ask. if it leads to more volunteers and local support then great. agree with the quote we use it all the time, but planning is usauuly for an end goal or product..

  • This is a worry to many, many councils are getting local Defibrillators in local shops/pubs etc and getting training for the local community. There is a step at the end of the course on what you can do! get in touch with the council and Emergency planners there and see how you can help in your community?

  • great information Ian, this all comes up later, but a great link to your local RR. hope you enjoy and please come back to me.

  • Dear all, thank-you for sharing, if there is anything i can do to help please let me know. Bev

  • thank you yes.

  • The Emergency Planning College has a very long and esteemed reputation. This course is only to support the UKs Resilience Planning @IanBlack

  • Valina
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  • Catherine, I'm sorry to hear your concerns. I hope I can assure you, the Emergency Planning College is a Government training college here in the UK. The information collected will support more education programmes for public. The programme was designed to support resilience in the uncertain world, to signpost to the information to support preparedness. Please...

  • Andrew, gosh there is a lot in here. I think you want the last paragraph answering, if there is more just reply and I will answer.
    As you go through the course a lot of this will be answered. 2.14 especially about the UK preparedness.
    So, to answer the military do work with the civilian authorities when requested. Also, voluntary sector has an important role...

  • Thanks everyone, I'm glad it has helped you all. even if it has just made you reflect and change one thing or talk to your family then it has done its job. I do hope you do complete your plans though. Please feel free to connect through linked in or through the EPC.

  • thanks everyone for sharing

  • there are community alarms systems your local authority / health care providers or even commerical providers have. it used to be a necklace, but with technology this may have changed.

  • by the end of this hopefully you will be

  • we will take these comments on board thanks.

  • keep going through the course, there is some grounding coming up and more advise.

  • thanks for sharing

  • Ken how true, as a group scout leader I agree. wanted to sue it for the title but it had already been used!

  • goodness what experiences you have had. Japan does have some good emergency planning and exercises for the public for earthquakes. I do hope our course helps you personally. please do ask if you want questions answered.

  • thanks for sharing. please do ask if you have questions which you feel are not answered....

  • What experiences you have had, thank-you for sharing how your life experience affected you and how you have changed in your feelings. I do hope this course helps.

  • great i hope it is? let us know?

  • Although you thought your role was minimal, I'm sure it would have been a apart of a wider resilience for your organisation. every member of staff forms a link in the front line for anay organisation to either protect the organisation or respond for the orrgansation.

  • James thank you so much for your kind words and your participation through out. I hope your share your enjoyment with others?