Rhiannon Knowles

Rhiannon Knowles

I'm an Editorial Specialist at FutureLearn and a Linguistics grad.

I love taking our courses too! Especially ones on education, technology, nutrition, wellbeing, and the arts.

Location London



  • I'm not currently creating a course but will note these questions for the future :)

  • This sounds great! Thanks for the introduction :)

  • Hi everyone! I've worked in EdTech for a while now in a variety of roles and am excited to learn more about creating great online courses from this course and everyone commenting!

  • I found it useful to learn about conversion funnels – it has helped me to think more deeply about copy's purpose of guiding the reader to eventually take action.

    The bit that really stood out to me was "Focus on benefits over features", and that customers care more about how you can solve their problem as opposed to a long list of features. Getting straight...

  • Hi everyone! My name's Rhiannon, I joined this course to learn more about copywriting. I took a course on SEO on FutureLearn a while ago, so I want to freshen my memory but also learn more about what my colleagues do (I work in an Editorial team alongside copywriters).

  • I think Ali should set up another meeting with her manager and explain that less vocal colleagues like herself - after all, different personalities and skills are what make great teams - would value the opportunity to contribute, but the way the meetings are currently run means that is not possible. She could suggest that the meeting has a Chair who asks...

  • I completely agree! I find agendas so useful for feeling prepared.

  • I knew I was less confident in public speaking so that hasn't changed, but I've regained clarity on what I would do in that situation again to improve how I felt. I think this is an area for growth, but it's also linked to anxiety so it's interesting to consider the extent to which I could be comfortable with this.

    I've learned that face-to-face...

  • Presenting - 2
    I've done some public speaking - I feel great when it's over, mostly from the adrenaline, but 250 people is a big audience for me! To get to 5, I'd practise speaking and deep breaths a lot, prepare notes, try to reassure myself, and plan to reward myself afterwards.

    Video chat - 4
    I've gotten very used to video chat thanks to covid! The...

  • I would likely handle some of the scenarios differently now as I am fully remote. But I do see the advantages of meeting face-to-face for more personal conversations – it depends on timing and ability to travel.

  • I would choose a formal approach to deliver the message to the tutors, because they are employees, and the message is representing the company and coming from the company head. A formal approach will represent the company well internally, and ideally be clear enough so the employees can learn about the app and understand how it works.

    For the...

  • I like the 'move your torso' tip – I used to be petrified of public speaking (still don't love it) and felt physically frozen

  • I've used all of these types of communication. Email is largely formal – to the point where it feels strange when people write emails informally! I'm used to that type of communication now, but I remember when I started my first job where I had to use email regularly it did feel unnatural.

    The pandemic has shifted what different people find normal – I think...

  • This is a really good point @LilianIpopo - and this caters for more people as the same information is being given in different ways :)

  • I already knew I preferred one-on-one communication, as I do have anxiety about speaking in front of groups. I can't quite say I would 'like' to develop this (because of the anxiety, haha) but I think it would be useful.

    I think I am a good listener but sometimes get distracted so would like to work on that.

  • I wasn't sure what I'd be - it turns out I am pretty much an even split between a Process oriented person and a People oriented person

  • Me too!

  • That exercise did help me become more aware of my style of communication.

    I prefer to communicate one-on-one. I don't mind being in a group environment, in fact I like being around people, but I prefer communicating with just one person at a time. :)

    I do like storytelling, but I think it depends on the context whether I get right to the point or not. If...

  • Definitely - deep breaths are really helpful, I often forget to take them!

  • I feel most conscious when speaking to someone I know, like a close friend, and with no distractions so I can focus on what they're saying. I also feel conscious when I'm speaking to a group of people I don't know in a professional setting, but I'd say part of that feeling is anxiety and self consciousness that doesn't feel good.

    I've witnessed people...

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    I think punk's legacy definitely still lives on in the music scene today, albeit arguably hidden behind all the 'popular' music pushed by social media, TV and radio. There are a lot of punk-esque bands out there right now but the ones that have that energy for me are SLAVES (their best known song is probably Where's Your Car Debbie? -...

  • Loved this video!

  • Love the image! I was at the Roundhouse recently. So cool that venues like that are still going.

  • Love the mention of not needing all the lights/perfect sound – I love that about punk. It feels raw and grungy and real.

  • I think, in modern art, installations and performance art can be really powerful politically. Probably due to you really being able to immerse yourself in it in real time! I also think posters can be really effective in getting messages out about causes – although maybe online is a better way to go today – as they grab people's attention well.

  • Rhiannon Knowles made a comment

    I've seen SEX necklaces being brought back by popular figures, influencers, drag queens, etc. Punk lives on!

  • I love the aesthetic of london's burning but sniffin glue has a lot more to read - it's pretty intense though!

  • I could've seen Blondie at Glastonbury (2014 I think?) if I hadn't slept in... regretfully. But I was working at the festival so needed every minute of sleep I could get honestly!

    I'd love to see The Stranglers live.

  • I love The Jam and The Clash, but in the big scheme of things I haven't listened to that much punk so I'm doing it now!

  • It's so good!

  • this sounds amazing!

  • To me, the BMI feels like it's used really casually, and I think I've always naively trusted it. I didn't know that it was originally designed for populations (as opposed to individuals) and specifically white men.

  • I've been through the accounts I follow a few times to get rid of ones that don't make me feel good, so when I looked this time I didn't feel the need to unfollow anyone. That was nice!

    I do notice filters though and it's good to remind myself that they're there. I still use them myself sometimes and would like to get out of doing that.

  • I've just had a look at Megan's instagram and it looks wonderful! Followed :)

  • When I first heard the fact that companies capitalise on people feeling rubbish about themselves (might've even been on Jameela's podcast!), it blew my mind. My dream is to wear what I feel comfortable in for my own sake, and have fun with exercise, doing it because it makes me feel good mentally.

  • I studied a Gender Studies module at university so most of this wasn't new to me but the racism part was.

    I think social media and particularly 'trends' on there have impacted body ideals, as well as in fashion and popular culture in general.

    I'm still fascinated about the whole eyebrow thing – how we went from super thin eyebrows being all the rage in...

  • Rhiannon Knowles replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    It's weird you say this because I was going to watch The Devil Wears Prada the other day!

    I'm glad I didn't, it actually perpetuates a lot of issues mentioned (despite being a cult movie starring the legend that is Meryl Streep).

  • I think I have thought about my body in this way, particularly in January when I did yoga every day for a month. The classes I did focused a lot on breathing and it made me really appreciate how powerful it is. Ever since doing that, I have been noticing my breath, strength and posture more. But I'd say this is still around half of the time I spend thinking...

  • I hope you love your hair eventually (maybe thanks to this course!). I think grey hair looks gorgeous.

  • For me, right now (especially in lockdown!) the biggest external factor is social media.

    But in the past – and I've seen quite a few other comments here about this – I've noticed that women in my family and some female family friends would greet me with comments like "Don't you look slim!" or "Have you lost some weight? You look great."