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Muhammad Wali khan

Muhammad  Wali khan



  • im currently working on involving peers and youngster to know about meuseum and learning different strategies and tactics from this course.

  • im very delighted to be the part of this course thanks for sharing.

  • the idea of the WAMM online meuseum is awesome the both meuseum is interesting in their approach. the meuseum spaces for dialog between non-identical ideas

  • Thank you veryvmuch Daniel

  • thanks for this amazing article

  • the power is hold by the mesuem board
    they must works on the inclusiveness include the indigenous people in the project and tried to build environment equal and all community should participate political force brings equality at every stage.

  • strong message

  • self-reflexivity should always be implemented while working in meuseum or cultural institutions with group of communities but for the key role playing in this course to bring awareness and inclusion.

  • this article contribute to awareness of the reconciliation justice and healing.
    thanks for sharing

  • sounds impressive

  • the main issue is accessibility and invest people and financial budget for inclusive project. and many audience speaks different languages and the lack of interpreters availability.

  • thanks for sharing interesting knowledge

  • the challenges of inclusion and diversity and difficulty of navigating complex social issues in increasingly polarised environment while not unique to meuseum and cultural institution are important one.

  • the above methodology are extremely important

  • trying to built-up relationships museum and community should call the the members of every community to express their's ideas

  • nice article

  • this is good

  • oral history as a discipline can serve as a useful guide toward this goal. it creates a rich world of storytelling around any typle of collection.

  • the intangible heritage and creativity for sustainable aims to promote youngster the role of culture.

  • informative strategies

  • allyship has some consistent traits its a lifelong that involves relationships trust accountability and consistency with marginalized group.

  • i can be ally by supporting and listening others

  • diversity is all the ways that people are different at the individual and group level even when people appear the same they are different. diversity requires examining of group to ensure multiple perspective are represented

  • interesting

  • 3) off course this increase scrutiny can be a good thing by forcing curator to think harder about who they represent.this is the case where all culture from television and film to books artwork and yes meuseum exhibition

  • important principles mentioned above. thanks for sharing new ideas

  • very well defined meuseum universities relationship and good example inclusiveness of meuseum

  • project sounds amazing

  • All principles are very helpful but identifying the challenges extremely important financial secure meuseum are more likely to invest in technology innovation arguing larger meuseum have more human and financial resources available to engage in change meuseum facing financial struggles may revert to order model that favor in person visits and collections...

  • interesting article. thank you

  • meuseum as keepers of community history values innovation and provocative ideas are extremely important bring new ideas assets and resources to the table for community conversation

  • Muhammad Wali khan made a comment

    diversity in meuseum and its impact on innovation relevance and audience engagement its probably important to contexts and associated values of diversity and meuseum.

  • sounds good excited to move ahead

  • time resources and lacks of budgets

  • in this lesson i learned many things regarding Ethics governance and the knowledge of inclusion which plays extremely important role by establishing meuseum.

  • there are no local meuseum but generally meuseum leg behind other social institutions in regards accommodating people living with disabilities such as weelchairs users and hearing impaired people's museum plays a cruisal role in society by educating the public and representing diverse.

  • impressive experience by Corey timpson

  • well i dont have any experience of this aspect but i found very interesting examples and thoughts in comment section.

  • very helpful principals described but 7 and 8 are essential to improve access all exhibitions

  • well i didn't find any local meuseum in the area i lived and not had the community advisory council but the last vist of meuseum was Pretoria art museum and this was the great place to enjoy art work and this was amazing creation created by various artists in the 17th and 18th century.

  • meuseum can be considered as living organization made up of many practices and people and the interaction between them participation work has largerly straddled innovative learning and engagement work.

  • very interesting article and thanks for increasing our knowledge regarding participatory governance