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    The proportion of time spent on games by both smartphone users and tablet users was much larger than any other category, even though tablet users spent 20% more time on games than smartphone users. Users spent 29% of their time on social networking through smartphones, while only 15% through tablets. The percentage of time spent on utilities via smartphones...

  • Smartphone users spend slightly over one-third of the total time on mobile games and roughly 30% on social networking. Only one-fifth of their time is allocated to utilities on phones.

  • Overall, paper and cardboard were the most recycled items while plastics were the least recycled materials throughout the whole period.
    Recycling rates for all four elements have generally increased, except for paper and cardboard, which have experienced a continuous decline after 1994.

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    This kind of feedback helps a lot. It points out why the answer is not that good, such as lacking the variety of vocabulary and length of sentences of coherence.

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    My mother is almost my teacher in photography. She started learning about photography several years ago when she bought a good mobile phone. She is good at taking very beautiful pictures of delicious food. Each time after she makes food for our family, the first thing she will do is open the camera on her phone and taking a picture. This is not the end, she...

  • TRAC is the critical point to break the depression cycle. Set a goal for the number of Alternative Coping actions each day like:
    10 times of praising yourself.
    5 times of ask for help from anyone you would like.

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    I just have never noticed the adverse effect of the "inside-out" mindset and behavior pattern on my life before taking this course. I just have never figured out how feelings impact our future activities. Sometimes, we don't take action not because we can't, or we 're lack of time or money, just because negative feelings we have at that time, or negative...

  • Take action first before paying attention to our feelings. Then you may prevent yourself from being dragged by these feelings.

  • Self-report and awareness about your physical, psychological and sociological status are critical for PPD early prevention. Knowing how people feel and what they do are closely linked is helpful for new mums to become clear in taking actions

  • The course and self-help booklet are very helpful.
    But one possible problem is that rare new mums are exposed to this practical information or are aware that they need this information.

  • I'm not sure if I'm in a depression. But emotion like depression is what deprives me of living a life with fulfillment, by decreasing my willingness to communicate with other people, to concentrate on beloved work and my will power to move forward.

  • Not only in the UK, the healthcare system is also quite a complex beast in any other country

  • Elasticsearch, Google Data Studio. But it's a shame that most data tools are not used in the area of health and medicine.

  • Real-time data are very common in other industrial areas like the internet. However, most data in healthcare and medical systems are static. This has made it difficult for both patients and doctors to make appropriate medical decisions.

  • We are moving into a totally digital world at an increasing speed, which means more and more data including privacy or personal data are being tracked by more and more systems.
    Many companies and governments have used this data to make more scientific decisions. But what if these decisions are only good for these systems but not for users, or even harmful...

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    1) Why is it important for you to know about the General Data Protection Regulation?
    To be compliant with the law.
    To protect our users. Make the right use of our users' data by protecting their privacy and respect their choices.
    To protect our company. Build a friendly and healthy relationship with our users and eventually, we can grow in a good...