University of Waikato program

Practical Data Mining

Get a practical introduction to data mining using the popular Weka workbench.

  • Overview 3 courses
  • Duration 15 weeks
  • Price $42

Become a data mining expert through three short courses

This flexible program of online courses is aimed at anyone who deals in data and is seriously concerned about obtaining information from it.

You’ll begin with a practical introduction to data mining and learn to mine your own data using the popular Weka workbench. You’ll go on to discover more advanced data mining techniques, including how to mine large datasets.

Finally, you’ll look at a variety of popular packages that can be used to extend Weka’s functionality, and gain the skills you need to become a data mining wizard.

Open program

When you complete all courses, upgrade and earn a Certificate of Achievement for each, you will receive a FutureLearn Award as proof of completing the program of study and deeper subject knowledge.

15 weeks recommended learning
$42 USD (course costs)
3 courses

How does our pricing work?

$42 USD - Course Purchases

How do paid courses work?

Paid courses are designed for professionals looking to advance their careers and learn alongside a small group of like minded individuals.

Unlike regular courses, which can be upgraded for a small charge, paid courses cannot be taken for free.

Paid courses include all the benefits of a free course that has been upgraded - such as unlimited access and a downloadable Certificate of Achievement to demonstrate your success when you become eligible*.

*To be eligible for a Certificate of Achievement, you need to:

  • Upgrade your course - you can do this at any point, before, during or after the course
  • Mark 90% of the steps in the course as complete
  • Attempt every test question and score an average of 70% across all course tests

Are these the final prices?

Yes. There are no additional fees. The price you see here includes everything - such as test fees, tuition and any additional accreditation provided by the course.

Learn with the creators of Weka – The University of Waikato

The course has been developed by The University of Waikato in New Zealand, where Weka originated. Throughout, you’ll learn with Professor Ian Witten – author of Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques.

  • The University of Waikato

Who will you learn with?

I grew up in Ireland, studied at Cambridge, and taught computer science at the Universities of Essex in England and Calgary in Canada before moving to paradise (aka New Zealand) 25 years ago.