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Robotic Vision

Gain the skills to build a computer vision system in this practical program of online courses.

Robotic Vision

Skills in building robotic vision systems will become vital to developing the robots of the future

Robots with vision will play increasingly important roles in society, from health care to marine science and interplanetary exploration. Robotic vision is an area of technology that is growing quickly in both its potential and applications.

The Robotic Vision program from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) comprises three online courses that provide both theory and practice in programming robotic (computer) vision.

You’ll explore the principles of vision: how human vision works; how robotic vision works; and relevant aspects of colour, light and perspective.

You’ll become familiar with the mathematical and programming skills required to process and manipulate images, and develop these skills with hands-on practice using the MATLAB programming environment.

You’ll put your skills into practice by using specialist software to create the code required for a robot to complete a simple visual task. If you have previously competed QUT’s Introducing Robotics program, you may be able to use the robot arm you built in the Build a Robot Arm course to complete an extension activity in the third course of Robotic Vision.

Accessible for free on desktop, tablet or mobile, and delivered in bite-sized chunks, this program provides a flexible and supported way to develop your understanding of robotic vision.

Open program

When you complete all courses, upgrade and earn a Certificate of Achievement for each, you will receive a FutureLearn Award as proof of completing the program of study and deeper subject knowledge.

10 weeks recommended learning
$252 USD (course costs)
3 courses

What skills will I learn?

By the end of this program you should be able to:

  • explain the principles of vision
  • apply the principles of vision to robotic function
  • reflect on the nature of robotic vision for specific tasks
  • describe how images are represented in a computer
  • describe the purposes of different types of image processing operations
  • demonstrate basic coding in MATLAB for image processing relevant to robotics
  • apply your knowledge of computer vision to a robot to enable it to carry out a simple task
  • demonstrate basic coding in MATLAB for shape and colour classification, and relating points in the image to points in the world
  • reflect on the success of your and your peers’ robotic vision systems.

If you have studied QUT’s Introduction to Robotics program, and completed the optional project in Build a Robot Arm, you should also be able to:

  • integrate the vision system with the robot arm to create a functional robot that can recognize the desired object and use commands to move to it.

Courses on this program

3 courses

How does our pricing work?

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If you do choose to upgrade your courses, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

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  • A certificate when you complete the course and score at least 70% on any tests

Please note: In order to take the final assessment and unlock the award or accreditation for the program, you must upgrade and attain a Certificate of Achievement for all of the courses in the program

How do course upgrades work?

Programs are made up of short courses, some of which you can join for free. If you want to spend more time on the material and better demonstrate what you've learned, you may choose to upgrade each course. You can upgrade your courses at any point after you enrol.

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Please note: In order to take the final assessment, you must upgrade and attain a Certificate of Achievement for all of the courses in the program.

Are these the final prices?

Yes. There are no additional fees. The price you see here includes everything - such as test fees, tuition and any additional accreditation provided by the course.

Learn with renowned robotic vision experts

The Robotic Vision program has been developed by Professor Peter Corke, Director of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The ACRV is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence, bringing together Australia’s top researchers in computer vision and robotics.

ACRV also runs the successful Introducing Robotics program on FutureLearn.