Writing in English for University Study Success: final assessment

The final assessment for this program is an essay of 500 - 600 words on water privatisation, which you will have read about, reflected on and discussed with other learners during the intermediate level course, or another topic of your choice.

You will be assessed and given individualised, written feedback on task achievement, organisation of ideas, academic style, and on range and accuracy of grammar and vocabulary. This feedback will be sent to you within 2 weeks of your submission of the essay.

If you prefer not to write about water privatisation, you may choose a different topic and set your own title for the essay, but if you do so you will have to find your own sources to use.

You should choose a topic which is accessible to a non-specialist reader, to ensure that feedback can be provided on the content as well as the organisation, language and style. Your essay will be assessed and feedback given according to the same criteria as for the water privatisation essay.

  • To be eligible to complete the tutor-marked assessment, you must have obtained the Certificate of Achievement on An Intermediate Guide to Writing in English.
  • To be eligible for the FutureLearn program award, you must obtain the Certificate of Achievements on both courses and pass the tutor-marked assessment.

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