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Develop the academic English skills required for writing university essays and projects

The style of English required for university study has its own characteristics and elements that set it apart from English you might use elsewhere. From citations and referencing, understanding plagiarism, and knowing how to effectively construct a sound argument - academic writing can be intimidating. This program will help you feel more familiar with academic English and comfortable that you can use it effectively during your studies.

This flexible program of courses starts by teaching you the basics, helping you learn the fundamentals of constructing an essay and beginner’s academic grammar. As your confidence and skills grow, you will be guided through expanding and developing your writing skills. You will learn more about using appropriate sources and become familiar with different research tools.

The final step offered by the University of Reading is a tutor-marked assessment, for which a fee is payable, which will enable you to revise, practise and then test the knowledge and skills you have gained in the Writing in English for University program. You will submit an essay (of 500 - 600 words excluding a list of references) on either water privatisation, a subject that you will have read about and discussed with other learners during the intermediate level course, or a topic of your choice. It will be marked by the University of Reading’s International Study and Language Institute. They will give you personal feedback to help ensure you can further develop your academic English for study success.

To be eligible to complete the tutor-marked assessment, you must have obtained the Certificate of Achievement on An Intermediate Guide to Writing in English for University Study.

To be eligible for the FutureLearn program award, you must obtain the Certificate of Achievements on both courses and pass the tutor-marked assessment.

Courses and assessment

To get an award you will need to upgrade all courses on this program, then qualify for a Certificate of Achievement on each course. To qualify you need to do at least 90% of each course and score an average of 70% or above on any tests.

This program will require 10 weeks of learning, plus 2 weeks of assessment. The total cost for the courses is $118. You will also need to pay £42.00 GBP to take the assessment.

Learn with experts in writing English for University study

This Writing in English for University study program has been developed by The University of Reading and is aimed at anyone interested in undertaking academic study in English, but it may be of particular interest to international students.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the basic structural sections of an essay
  • Assess the different features of an academic essay
  • Develop control of academic grammar
  • Develop confidence in using written academic English and its features
  • Apply critical reading skills
  • Demonstrate understanding of source materials and how to use them
  • Produce longer academic essays
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