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Java is a programming language used for thousands of applications and websites. It can be found everywhere, from laptops and web applications to game consoles and supercomputers. If you don’t install Java, you’ll discover that many websites won’t work for you. This is because Java is a crucial part of technological infrastructure.

Since Java is a programming language, the best place to learn about it is online. Our courses are 100% online, so you have the freedom and flexibility to study whenever suits you. We offer a range of course types, including free short courses, learning subscriptions and degrees. If you subscribe to an ExpertTrack, you can complete a series of in-depth Java courses and develop your expertise.

Gain Java certifications

We have several Java and programming ExpertTracks to get you started in Java or increase your understanding of software development. These will allow you to earn digital certificates that you can share with your professional network once you’ve completed all of the courses. ExpertTracks are great for your professional development and help you work towards your career goals.

You can also receive a digital certificate when you complete a short course if you choose to upgrade with us. You can upload your certificate to LinkedIn or attach it to your CV to demonstrate your capability and interest in Java.

Learn Java for beginners

In our Software Development with Python and Java ExpertTrack, you’ll get a taste of software development, and learn what it takes to become a successful developer using some of the world’s most popular programming languages and integration software.

You’ll learn about the history of Java and how it filled a gap in the industry, before gaining an understanding of how the variables, data types and operators, arrays, and control statements are used in Java.

Build your career in software development

If you want to become a software developer, our Java courses are a great way to learn the necessary skills. There is a wide range of careers that use Java, such as a backend developer, mobile developer and video game developer.

Software development is one of the few areas that has experienced constant growth in the last decade, and despite the pandemic, the worldwide developer population grew by 500,000 in 2020. Another added benefit of being a software developer is that there are possibilities for flexible and remote working arrangements, due to the work being all computer-based.

Your options for studying Java

We’ve partnered with UK universities and other well-recognised institutions, such as GitHub and MuleSoft, to bring you a range of courses where you can either gain an introduction to Java or build on your current skills. These courses can help you upskill to a new role or develop your professional credentials.

We offer a range of course types, from free short courses to ExpertTracks. Our short courses take between two and ten weeks to complete and offer an overview of software development or aspects of Java. We also offer a learning subscription called ExpertTracks, where you can subscribe to a series of in-depth courses and build practical expertise.


What is Java?

Java is a programming language that is concurrent, object-oriented and class-based. Concurrent means that multiple processors carry our instructions simultaneously to improve performance. Class-based and object-oriented means that Java relies on the concept of classes and objects to carry out functions.

Can I learn Java online?

Java courses are a great way to introduce you to the industry or help you build your skills and knowledge of software development to supplement practical training. Our Java courses are completely online and don’t require any in-person teaching, so you’re free to study whenever suits you. You can also learn from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a digital device.

How is Java different from other programming languages?

The programming language most similar to Java is C#, as they are both object-oriented and heavily used for mobile and game applications. Java and Python also share some similarities, but Java is more advanced, harder to learn and requires more lines of code.

Both Java and Python are some of the most popular coding languages. Java shouldn’t be mixed up with JavaScript, which is actually a scripting language that runs on web browsers.

Is it difficult to study Java?

Most experts agree that Java is not too difficult to learn, ranking it as harder than Python but easier than its predecessor C++. If you already know one of these programming languages, you’ll learn Java in no time, but even if you’re a beginner, you just need to make sure you practice.

Whether you’re a beginner to coding or more experienced, our courses are designed by successful software developers who will help you to succeed in your studies.

What can Java be used for?

Java can be used for pretty much anything, including big data technology, mobile development, cloud-based applications, and more.

Regarding the actual tasks that Java developers carry out on a day-to-day basis, they use Java to write programs, update software applications, correct coding errors, test programs for any issues, enhance current programs and use code libraries.

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