Become a Data Analyst

Data analysts use technical skills to collect and analyse data, form data insights and come to meaningful conclusions that they express through visual, written and verbal communication. Companies need data analysts so they can learn about their audiences.

  • Average salary in UK

    £35,000 (technojobs)
  • Average salary in US

    $77,063 (Salary)
  • Average salary in Canada

    CA$56,767 (PayScale)
  • Average salary in Australia

    AU$110,000 (Seek)
Source: PayScale

What skills do you need to become a data analyst?

  • Numerical and analytical skills

    Being a data analyst involves a lot of working with numerical data, so you need to be comfortable with numbers and have an analytical mind.

  • Problem-solving skills

    The role requires you to find solutions to problems using technical skills, so you have to enjoy using your brain to solve problems and provide practical solutions.

  • Specialist knowledge

    Depending on which area of data analysis you want to focus on, you’ll need slightly different skills, but there are certain specialised skills you’ll definitely need. You need to be very comfortable with excel and spreadsheets, familiar with relational databases and have knowledge of data cleaning, modelling and enrichment.

  • Strong communication

    Data analysts inform colleagues of data insights and have to listen carefully in meetings to determine where to focus their efforts, so they must be able to collaborate and communicate well with others verbally and in writing.

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