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Politics & the Modern World Courses

Dig deeper into the issues making the news - from new technology and social media to the energy crisis, inequality and the threat of new conflicts - with our online political science and international relations courses.

Globe being opened by can opener
Deakin University
Gender and Development
How does gender relate to international and community development? Find out with this online course.
Bright lights symbolising the digital society
University of York
Becoming a Digital Citizen
Become a more informed digital citizen and engage with debate about what is appropriate in the modern world of social media
Disaster relief parcel
Deakin University
Introduction to Humanitarian Aid
Discover the history of humanitarian aid and the principles and values that underpin it.
A needle artificially inseminating an egg
UCL (University College London)
Making Babies in the 21st Century
Explores the new reproductive technologies, the opportunities they provide, and the profound social challenges they pose.
A view from outside The Royal Courts of Justice in London, England.
The University of Sheffield
Crime, Justice and Society
Explore the role of the state in regulating criminal behaviour and the parts played by those in the criminal justice system.
A mother holds her daughter while a doctor checks the child with a stethoscope
University of Dundee
Tackling Inequalities Through Health and Social Care Design
This course will explore what inequalities are and how they can be reduced through health and social care.
Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament
Introduction to the UK Parliament
Learn about the UK Parliament with this free online course - explore the work of Parliament and find out how it’s evolving.
case: bomb at a hospitaL
University of Bergen
Medical Peace Work
Learn about the vital role healthcare plays in violence prevention and peace-building both globally and locally
Bullet riddled Red Cross ambulance
UNSW Canberra
Military Ethics
We explore the ethical responsibilities that weigh on military professionals, who are ‘managers of violence’.
Planet Earth connected by an abstract communications network extending into space
University of California, Berkeley
Transparent and Open Social Science Research
Explore the causes of limited transparency in social science research, and tools to make your own work more open and reproducible.
Clothing label bearing a question mark, three wash symbols with the text 'be curious', 'find out', and 'do something'. A Fashion Revolution tab appears to the right of the main label.
University of Exeter
Who Made My Clothes?
Discover who made your clothes, share their stories, and find out how you can influence global change.
A group of young people in India wearing face masks with social media logos on.
UCL (University College London)
Why We Post
Discover the varying uses of social media around the world and its consequences for politics, relationships and everyday life.