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Politics & the Modern World Courses

Dig deeper into the issues making the news - from new technology and social media to the energy crisis, inequality and the threat of new conflicts - with our online political science and international relations courses.

The University of Sheffield
Crime, Justice and Society
Explore the role of the state in regulating criminal behaviour and the parts played by those in the criminal justice system.
University of Dundee
Tackling Inequalities Through Health and Social Care Design
This course will explore what inequalities are and how they can be reduced through health and social care.
University of Groningen
European Culture and Politics
Learn about the link between identity, culture and politics in the construction of contemporary Europe.
UNSW Sydney
Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Public Health Dimensions
An introduction to public health and wider responses to high-risk biological agent events, epidemics and bioterrorism.
Deakin University
Gender and Development
Does gender matter in international and community development? Find out in this free online course.
University of Bergen
Medical Peace Work
Learn about the vital role healthcare plays in violence prevention and peace-building both globally and locally
University of York
Becoming a Digital Citizen
Become a more informed digital citizen and engage with debate about what is appropriate in the modern world of social media
UCL (University College London)
Making Babies in the 21st Century
Explores the new reproductive technologies, the opportunities they provide, and the profound social challenges they pose.
The University of Nottingham
Ending Slavery
There are 45.8 million slaves alive today. Find out how we might achieve a slavery-free world with this free online course.
Deakin University
Introduction to Humanitarian Aid
Learn the basic principles and approaches to responding to humanitarian emergencies with this free online course.
University of York
From Crime to Punishment
What is crime? How does criminal justice work in England and Wales? Find out more by following a case through the system.
University of Oslo
What Works
Explore promising strategies in international development related to agriculture, health, governance, and poverty reduction.