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Understand climate change and global warming

Climate change has been named as the number one threat to humanity. This collection of free online courses will help you understand what causes global warming, what the effects of climate change are, and how we can limit or adapt to climate change.

Each online course has been developed by expert climate change researchers from world-leading universities or specialist organisations. They will help you understand:

What causes global warming

Through these climate change courses, you can find out what causes global warming and understand the physical processes behind climate change in the past, present and future. You can also discover how scientists measure climate change.

The effects of climate change

You can explore what the effects of climate change will be on our daily lives and urban environment. You can consider the risks and opportunities that climate change brings about, as well as the challenges that global warming poses and the possible solutions.

Climate change adaptation

These online courses will help you learn more about climate change adaptation - how we can limit or adapt to global warming, by adopting sustainable practices. You can consider what sustainability means to you - both as an individual or a professional - and to society at large.